Jewelry stores common operating problems

many jewelry stores seem small, like a good business, but a closer look, will find a variety of management problems have emerged, and these problems in the market is very representative, so small will set out these problems, we argue.

1, lack of goods, a serious shortage of

10 yuan for the jewelry store join the empty shelves, and some even 5-6 rows are empty; this situation mainly appears in several newcomers to join, to recover the investment, to store replenishment; when this happens, let guests feel the shop to turn the hand closed, so the guests did not dare to buy high-end jewelry shop if off, I bought something bad to do, in the high-end jewelry shop after a month, will really move customers to your store; only a sense of trust, will buy high-grade jewelry store in you.

2, slow jewelry expulsion fast jewelry

3, large management complex

4, popular goods lack of

5, store field less than


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