How to join Zhao Qingli chicken

many catering entrepreneurs to invest to join the chicken market project, Zhao Qingli DaPanJi selected, but the mass of resources on the Internet so that they do not know what the letter is good, so Xiaobian to introduce Zhao Qingli to join the market conditions and procedure of chicken.

Zhao Qingli chicken market conditions:

1, agree with Zhao Qingli brand management concept, risk awareness, entrepreneurial spirit; have good communication and coordination ability; recognition and acceptance of the headquarters of the management of the will and determination to ensure the maintenance of brand reputation and image.

2, there is enough start-up funds and pre operating funds (400 thousand yuan).

3, with the availability of housing, housing availability of the contract for not less than five years (or can be renewed for more than five years); site selection in line with the conditions of the shop, the area requirements: 200 – square meters.

4, joined the cooperative staff to participate in pre training, master the basic skills required for the normal operation of the store, and through the examination and training of qualified standard.

5, franchisees need to pay the relevant fees in accordance with the contract.

Zhao Qingli chicken join process:

1, investment consulting

phone, QQ, e-mail and other ways to consult in detail the situation of Zhao Qingli chicken market, whether for their own and local market consumption.

2, field survey

intention customers to the company’s products, brands, such as a full range of research.

3, join the application

intention to join the party to determine the intention to join the brand, you can fill in the "join the application form".

4, signed a contract

confirmed the results of the investigation without objection, formally signed a contract.

5, store location

headquarters to send professionals to join the location of the franchisee to join the site, select the appropriate store.

6, store decoration

to provide the necessary standards for the decoration of the shop building size map, free of charge for the headquarters of the joint design, and guide the decoration.

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