How to get rid of poverty in poverty in Kunming

although the whole social and economic development, Shanghai has become the international metropolis, but also facing some of the Chinese land area vast territory and abundant resources is very poor. So, in the face of poverty in Kunming, how to get rid of poverty?

in order to further establish long-term, interpretation of major policy of the provincial government continued and coordinated mechanism, make our province major policy propaganda interpretation content closer to the people’s livelihood, warm people, today, especially the creation of "Spring City Evening News People’s livelihood interpretation" column, timely interpretation of the series of major policy in our province.

heard that in Zhaotong, there are tens of thousands of houses to build a house subsidy, a few years to work in Kunming barber Xiao Yang directly resigned to apply for subsidies. In July last year, our province has issued "on the province as a whole force to lay a good battle poverty alleviation and development of opinions" (hereinafter referred to as the "opinions"), followed by industry, finance, education, involving a series of off-site relocation of poverty alleviation policy and other fields have been introduced, the formation of our province policy combined precise poverty alleviation, precise poverty.

problem: how to get rid of poverty in poverty

measures: 4 concentrated poor areas will be built in 300 tourist villages

By the end of

2015, the province still has 4 million 710 thousand people in poverty, ranking the country’s No. 88, the county and the county has a key area of the county, ranking first in the country. How to make these poor people to poverty by 2020? "Opinions" clear, our province of poverty alleviation and development in the new period of work started the "63686" plan, from 2015 to 2020 6 years, the province’s poverty alleviation and development should focus on 3 main objectives, earnestly implement the 6 to villages and households, earnestly carry out the 8 area of poverty, deepening the 6 mechanism innovation task comprehensive.

in these poor areas in Yunnan border, Wumengshan, Diqing Tibetan and rocky desertification in 4 contiguous poor areas of poverty in poverty is obviously. "Opinion" clearly, the province will implement infrastructure improvement, cultivation of characteristic industry, labor training and transfer of employment, immigration village construction, social security and social development, the whole village the whole village overall progress, the whole family helping ethnic minorities and ecological construction of 8 major projects.

, for example, our province will be in the construction scale and standard in the poor conditions of the modern agricultural industrial park, high quality seed base, business park, the conditions of the poverty-stricken counties have built agricultural industrialization base county. At the same time, to carry out poverty alleviation, the use of "electric" Internet plus "to enhance the plateau characteristics of modern agriculture development. In the ethnic areas to build 300 characteristics of tourism villages, the development of tourism and cross-border tourism in the border villages.

problem: "one side of soil and water conservation is not a person"

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