Zhongguancun metamorphosis from electronics stores to 7 2 kilometers of venture Avenue

[Abstract] the Zhongguancun that once amazed the world is dead and will never come back.

Tencent technology Sun Hongchao, October 13th, reported

every person living in Beijing for more than 5 years, there are unique memories of Zhongguancun and electronic stores, and now after many changes, it will be the future of a 7.2 km entrepreneurial street


in the summer of 1998, Liu Qiangdong (micro-blog) in Zhongguancun computer city to buy a second-hand computer, a second-hand tricycle, began his entrepreneurial journey. 16 years later, from Zhongguancun to come out of the Jingdong to $about 30000000000 market capitalization listed in the United states.

but today Zhongguancun entrepreneurs will no longer be on the tricycle eat lunch in the image, with the Zhongguancun electronics stores many transitions, those who have "by the business and technology" mode will no longer exist.

brilliant already not in


December 18, 1999, the dragon was officially opened. In the dragon group completely from the traditional business, entered the electronic stores industry at the same time, Zhongguancun also ended with a small electronic market pattern, formed by the dragon, Silicon Valley, Pacific electronic stores old strong Dingli times.

to buy a computer at a time when Zhongguancun is known than the heyday of the pet phrase, the Dragon unmanned, an assembled PC earned 1000-3000 yuan is not new, huge profits that did stimulate the nerves of Zhongguancun. In addition, the electronics store also pulled the entire IT industry chain in Zhongguancun, the surrounding business, regional economy and the development of science and technology park. At this time Zhongguancun is behind the support of the government of Haidian District, and later fell, tophere, Pacific, e also has the government to promote the world behind the shadow.

But at the same time with the rise of

, three stores are fake, because the black guide and interest arising from resorting to violence.

The outbreak of

in August 2004, close to a hundred people resorting to violence events and dragon tophere suddenly in the police intervention, fighting incident subsided.

but the problem does not end, the media has at the time of disclosure: the battle exposed Zhongguancun electronic market serious road traffic is not smooth, pile up in excess of requirement, selling pirated CD is rampant, even frequent vandalism and other vicious crime phenomenon, also let people not to rethink about the business environment in Zhongguancun.

then the fake and black guide began to become synonymous with Zhongguancun, users evaluation: Zhongguancun electronic market full of passion, but also filled with a variety of business.

even in the Zhongguancun electronics stores have today as long as you keep going by painstaking effort, holding electronic products into even close to any electronics store, there will be shopping guide came up: "mobile phone to sell computer to repair??"


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