nnovation and entrepreneurship education will be held in Shaanxi University of Technology

is now a strong backing for college students, entrepreneurship for college students has brought a very good platform, college students more and more entrepreneurial benefits, the probability of success in business is also getting higher and higher.


for the implementation of the general office of the State Council, the Education Department of Shaanxi Province on innovation and entrepreneurship education implementation and promotion plan, to further raise awareness, strengthen and promote the reform and innovation of Shaanxi University of Technology entrepreneurship education, Shaanxi University of Technology held the afternoon of April 5, 2016, 2016 will promote the work of innovation and entrepreneurship education. Principal He Ning, deputy secretary of the school Party committee, vice president, Feng Xiaoming, attended the meeting, the relevant responsible person in charge of the teaching units and functional departments of more than 170 people attended the meeting of the people’s Republic of China in.

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