How about dessert 1

is now the development of society is an innovation, in fact, the development of the entire human society are relying on these two words, life is always changing in the discovery. Food and beverage market is the same, what kind of food and beverage projects to follow the pace of the times? No doubt is able to come up with the characteristics of food brands.

dessert number one is a very good business choice. After the first one of the strength of the strength of the back of a strong business, in the development of a unique advantage. Committed to providing consumers with a variety of delicious desserts, etc., through years of continuous efforts and development, has established a good brand image, access to the majority of consumer recognition, the market outlook is very good. In order to adapt to the needs of the market, and now the national recruitment of dealers, a series of advantages and join the support to help you easily start business, get rich quickly. In the face of such an influential brand, you are also the heart of it? If you want to join the dessert one, it is necessary to quickly understand the dessert to join the details of it!

How much is

dessert 1?

dessert one join fee:

stores the Samsung store shop type two star shop

shop area of 170 square meters with 130 square meters and 85 square meters

rent costs 34 thousand yuan / month, 26 thousand yuan / month, 17 thousand yuan / month

decoration costs 700 yuan / square meters to 700 yuan / square meters to 700 yuan / square meters

equipment cost 80 thousand yuan 60 thousand yuan 40 thousand yuan

raw materials 30 thousand yuan 20 thousand yuan 15 thousand yuan

advertising costs 18 thousand yuan 12 thousand yuan 7000 yuan

opening costs 15 thousand yuan 9000 yuan 5000 yuan

staff wages 2000 yuan / month / person (4) $2000 / month / person (3) $2000 / month / person (2)

utilities 2000 yuan / month, 1500 yuan / month, 1000 yuan / month

liquidity 130 thousand yuan 100 thousand yuan 60 thousand yuan

total investment costs 436 thousand yuan 325 thousand and 500 yuan 208 thousand and 500 yuan

investment costs are estimated, may differ from the actual situation, only for reference


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