How to do the double eleven chop hand festival food and beverage industry

China shopping Carnival has been in the past three days, you are still surprised at the 2016 double the evening of the group of eleven data: the 52 second transaction has more than $58, 6 minutes more than 10 billion seconds……" Although already mentally prepared, but still underestimated the power of the woman, chop hands mercilessly, is really fantastic. So double 11, catering enterprises is how to do it!

earlier there are many food and beverage companies to move to prevent employees chop hand, there are out of the double 11 holiday single, but also issued a notice to postpone the payment of wages for 1 months. It has caused a lot of controversy, gay men applauded, lesbians are very depressed, a pair of you do not let me cut his hand, I will chop your hand.

"double 11" has been eighth years, in a strong offensive horse dad, "double 11" has been from the campus culture of "single day" evolved into a universal shopping carnival, the annual sales are record highs, this is the electricity supplier bigwigs in the sale of crying, other traditional industries only envy.

is not the case, with the advent of the mobile Internet, catering electricity supplier has become a new trend in the development of the industry, the food and beverage industry can be through the Internet means holiday marketing". Remember, this was originally a single day, which is itself a gimmick for the catering industry.

restaurant might as well be engaged, "naked" to cater to the theme of the activities of single men and women as a starting point for the festival rally for the restaurant publicity. At the same time in the dishes design, you can also launch the annual selection of singles package, consumers to 11 yuan, $111 single price can choose to select a single, select off and other customized packages.

online, catering businesses can be promoted by the following two means:

1, through the Internet platform

U.S. group, Baidu takeaway hungry it and many other food platform, with the benefits of these large platform is the entry threshold low, time-saving. Do not have to find their own customers, directly involved in the purchase platform launched 11 promotional activities.

2, self built online platform

build WeChat public number and the number of micro-blog, access to food and beverage business, at least can be achieved online orders, home delivery service.

can also do this: "see the slogan", organized by "Buddha God" and so on humorous activities caused by online interaction. You can also play the "marriage goes without a trace, even more outstanding singles" and so on


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