What do you want to do in the township business


in recent years, with the continuous development of urban and rural areas, rural villages and towns have been unprecedented, with the rapid development of  , which also attracted a lot of migrant workers have to go back to business! Township entrepreneurship is not competitive, more development space  , is a rare entrepreneurial orientation. So, want to start a business in the township, what good projects can be done?

rural goods truck rental

City in the development of rural areas also change rapidly, with the improvement of living standards in rural areas, the rural infrastructure construction is also increasingly updated,   rural road construction, housing construction and so cannot do without the automobile transport, and daily living   also cannot do without transportation, such as daily cargo transportation, weddings what transportation etc.. In the agricultural areas to purchase a   small card business is very market.

of forage corn cut off the door

corn not only high economic value, and the corn straw is very good forage, plus corn for itself in North   growth, therefore most of the rural areas of northern corn. Although corn has so many benefits, but the removal of   corn; and cut grass is a very headache. If the purchase of a corn threshing and straw cutting machine, tractor pulling door   for the villagers and corn, forage forage, can earn a windfall profits.

sewing shop

with healthy consumption is becoming increasingly popular, people pay much attention to the green carnivorous herbivorous, especially the sacrifice of   by comparison, carnivorous animal in China’s Hong Kong and Macao welcome, rural development of green economy culture is good, such as   Cang mountain black goat breeding is a good breeding project, short growth period, strong stress resistance,  , smell the meat tender; and the meat is low, high nutritional value, the current market supply shortage. According to the rural breeding environment, shortage of   mountains, fields and other resource rich advantages, can be used for breeding.