Shanghai innovation and Entrepreneurship

has now become a popular pioneering era, at the same time, the local people are actively promoting innovation and entrepreneurship in such an era theme, recently popular innovation and entrepreneurship in Shanghai launched a heatwave.

opened last week, the organizing committee secretary general Zhu Junbo believes that Shanghai has become the interactive entertainment industry innovation heights, not only benefited from 80, 85 after the entrepreneur’s own efforts, diversified investment and cultural creation and production forces also benefited from the Shanghai, and the high efficiency of government service.

original online games achievement "myth"

With the rapid growth of energy

let core competence as boss of

The development of

"inspire everyone’s enthusiasm and creativity, the ship is more likely to turn around in the industry in transition." Giant network president Ji Xuefeng said, should encourage innovation, so that the core competitiveness of young people to become boss. Currently, including giants, Shanda, including the Shanghai online giant, not only the formation of the investment alliance, but also to encourage employees to start their own businesses, the creative project into a start-up company.

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