Want to succeed in business must know the 6 palace

micro, an entrepreneur before must choose their own businesses, all aspects are taken into account, including the store locations, consumer groups, the store using rate and other factors do twice in order to reduce the risk to improve the success rate of entrepreneurship.

scheming 1 shop location, do not face

location better business is better? It seems so, choose a gold position really bel a face. However, before the site to look at your capital chain, according to its own capital strength. No matter what the choice of shopping district, the site must be finalized before figuring out an account:

to remove the rent, manpower, procurement and other pre estimated costs, the restaurant in order to profit, breakeven point is probably how much to achieve profitability is the pressure.

In fact,

, compared to the traditional popular shopping district, some of the new, the development of space is also a good choice, where the cost is lower.

‘s 2 consumer groups, zhigenzhidi

selected area, but also a comprehensive consideration of the location of the shop in the business district, the surrounding traffic conditions. Every day at noon and in the evening time node, through the surrounding supermarkets, restaurants the amount of "Dundian" statistics, is the traffic data and analysis of consumer groups features the "stupid" is the most effective way.

scheming 3 shops use, budget

choose shop is not equal to the selected shops (is not very hard to pronounce). A good shop is a thousand pick out of the shop, the area of utilization, display surface, storey, added value, parking spaces, water, electricity, cable television, network and other infrastructure is perfect, you must understand in advance.

in addition to area usage and infrastructure, the added value of the store is another key consideration criteria. How much space can be used before and after the hospital? What is the free use of the site? How to maximize the use of the store area, these are things you should consider.

calculation 4 license contract, beware of pit

selected the shop, a preliminary talk about the price, even if the site is done? What are the pits need to avoid a shelter?

reality process, the restaurant is often faced with the location of a tenant sublet situation, at this time, be sure to verify that there is no business license. If so, is it an individual or a sole proprietorship? Can I use it for myself? The nature of the business license of the self-employed is limited: sublet down the business, it is impossible to open stores. The nature of this problem does not exist. These are the details of the consultation


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