How to identify good and bad investment platform P2P

electricity supplier industry development, not a group can decide. We must have found that these days because of the money sea venture, want to collapse the loan platform, but also the collapse of the P2P thing on the tide of the storm. Recently, many reporters are asking me, is not P2P ushered in a wave of closures? Can P2P invest? How to identify the investment platform P2P good and bad?

on these, today I published under the personal views of the industry, but also to new investors to enter the industry or prepare to enter this industry to talk about how to avoid the risk of investors.

P2P net loan is an emerging industry, is currently in the domestic open net loan platform without any threshold, a registered company of science and technology, electronic commerce company or investment company, can open a P2P company, there is no threshold, can let more creative people can enter the industry development, but also because there is no threshold, breeding some crooks with P2P in the name of fraud.

Some people say that

every platform collapse are accompanied by many investors suffer remorse and distressed, but over time, these will regret and sorrow to settle, then new investors would like the discovery of the new continent, excitement into the industry, until one day some people in this part of the when he met the principal can not be cashed in, they began to find that the P2P security industry is not in the imagination, and a group of investors by industry education, less is more is thousands, millions of tuition, some even family living money, these two years continuously staged a similar tragedy.