ntelligent fashion wind blowing in Xiamen

in the process of economic development, science and technology has also been a greater development, more and more scientific and technological products, constantly emerging in the market, attracted our attention. This time, the wind blowing Xiamen fashion style, what are the new technology products?

The fourteenth session of Chinese Strait project results

trading yesterday at the opening of the Xiamen Pavilion, AR-VR, intelligent robot and other innovative products, participating enterprises in Xiamen will be the traditional industries and the Internet combined, blew up a smart fashion.

smart cane

pension catch the Internet Dongfeng

a smart crutch can not only know the whereabouts of the elderly at any time and place, but also in the event of an accident, call for help". When they are lost, falls, knocking emergency, press the call button on crutches, canes will alert. Intelligent crutches will automatically broadcast a preset family help number. If the family has no answer, the phone will be transferred to the company’s call center, there will be volunteers to emergency rescue.

this seemingly ordinary crutch, rely on the Internet and call center support had become "". At the exhibition site, Xiamen good news online Limited by Share Ltd intelligent crutches, attracted a lot of people to visit the exhibition focus.

chairman Chen Zhiqin told reporters that the company has developed intelligent robots, including to accompany the old health tongue diagnosis instrument etc.. Chen Zhiqin introduction, the company does not sell equipment for the purpose of the main equipment, coupled with the call center and the advantages of the Internet to provide comprehensive pension services.

at present, these intelligent products and call center has been in Beijing, Shanghai, Taiyuan and other cities. The next step will be in the city to build the old life experience museum.

window cleaning machine

remote control to replace high-risk spider man

a piece of vertical placed on the smooth glass, a huge robot in the above free walk. In the Strait project results fair, this giant window cleaning machine caused a lot of curious onlookers.

"this product will allow the cleaning of the high altitude curtain wall to become fully automatic, " spider man " likely to be unemployed." The project’s research and development company, Xiamen Hua Wei things Technology Co., Ltd. Liu Zhijie told reporters that, for a long time, high altitude curtain wall cleaning has been a high-risk industry. There are two types of conventional curtain wall cleaning, one is through the rope fixed cleaning personnel, that is, we often say, "Spider Man"; and the other is through the basket will be sent to the cleaning staff recommended


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