Open an underwear store to know what

shop entrepreneurship in the current has become a lot of people’s choice, however, want to achieve the success of entrepreneurship, naturally need to clear some things. So, open a lingerie shop to know what? And let Xiaobian for your analysis.

1. to deal with fierce competition

now sell underwear in the fast fish eat slow, strong eat the weak situation. Since the lingerie store investment is relatively low threshold, to a certain extent, makes repeated investment of small individual and private lingerie store and vicious competition, resulting in the lingerie store competition, poor operating conditions. Therefore, the investment should not only see the lingerie shop to open up the market, prudent investment, but also to have a stronger ability to bear the heart and the ability to control the market.

also, in the fierce market competition, the price war continues, a series of crazy and exaggerated discount activities, makes some of the original has a certain level of mid-range brand, become pushed floats peddle "daluhuo". The increasingly "discount", perhaps can cash inventory, clear rejection inventory, but the result is that brands get some money, as the owner but you may not profit in the local market, several years of painstaking efforts will be wasted.

2. select the appropriate shop location

choose what kind of location shop, depending on your own investment ability to decide. The better the location, the general business will be better, but the risk of investment is relatively large. Because lots usually need high rents. Under normal circumstances, the choice of underwear store location can not be too remote, after all, the wine is also afraid of deep alley". Secondly, there should be a lot of clothing sales atmosphere, such as walking street, commercial street, shopping malls, supermarkets. The main store, and must be the target consumer groups often place.

3. business to choose brand

The choice of the

brand has an indispensable role in the success of the lingerie store. Generally speaking, what kind of brand to choose depends on the local economic level. And the quality of the brand must be excellent, manufacturers must have a certain strength and determination of the long-term development of the market. In general, the moderate price of high-end brands, large profit margins, more suitable for lingerie store sales.

currently, underwear brands in one or two, the three lines are relatively clear, so investors in the choice of the brand, not only to pay attention to brand awareness, but also to pay attention to the credibility of products and services. Underwear shop opened just out of the first step, the promotion of the latter and the overall planning of the store is more important. So, if you do not have a strong brand of a strong management team support, then you may face the disaster after the shop. Then the face of domestic and international brands, in the end

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