What are some of the tricks of the fashion business

food and clothing industry should be very popular in the business industry, a lot of people in the business are also considered such industry, a business must first adjust their mentality, don’t expect a huge industry, also be prepared to fail! Do not think that looking for a store, into a group of goods will be able to count the number of money every day, some people he really hard but not necessarily be able to make money, because the market is too fierce competition! How much income, we must first look at the amount of investment and then compare the benefits, do not do some of the same level in order to disrupt their mood! The greater the investment, the greater the risk, the greater the return is often, this sentence must have his reason!

so the comparison should be the same as the amount of investment to compare the people! The first step of the site is the most important condition for clothing, location will directly affect the turnover! According to the characteristics of products, select the appropriate lots in the sale is very important, do women’s discount must choose in the crowded area, but this area is not certain sell high-grade goods area, this area often people do not necessarily dense!

two, the overall image of the store, lighting and product display will directly affect sales! People rely on clothing makeup, Buddha to gold, clothes also need packaging! No matter how good the clothes on the stall selling is selling goods, it is very difficult to believe that he is branded goods!

1, women’s discount store, don’t think that cheap clothes, you can casually decorate the can, the overall image should be in place, the overall look is the brand store, the door marked advertising clear store sales price, let the people passing by at a glance what the shop sells! Renovation of the old should be spent to get the money, the customer’s psychology is like this, the poor decoration of the shop is sure to sell cheap goods.

is certainly a good shop to sell high-grade goods, in the decoration of a good shop to buy cheap goods is worth! Otherwise, why should pay attention to the overall brand image? It is important that the same clothes hanging in different grades of the shop will use different effects, not because of their overall image of the store to the extent of their clothes, affecting the customer’s desire to buy!

2, lighting and other hardware equipment is also very important, if the shop is not bright, give people the feeling is like the verge of bankruptcy! Night head lamp must bright, suddenly can attract passing customers eye! Light can also make clothes more attractive, but different lights will have different effects, and is the most suitable combination of clothing store, if all is cold (which is usually seen by the white light) although the shop is bright.

but the feeling is not warm enough, the clothes will not be soft enough! With the warm light (usually see lamp like yellow light and pale) can feel, the clothes also change the recommended exposure


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