The establishment of Hefei northern Hefei branch for next year the first batch of recruit graduate s

Hefei’s economic development in the past few years has made great achievements, and achieved a series of significant results. At the same time, also invested a great deal of attention to education, the establishment of Hefei, northern Hefei, next year the first batch of the desire to recruit graduate students, to the Beihang University graduate students, directly to the beautiful hometown of Lord Bao can, around Hefei students no longer have to go to Beijing.

read part of the professional northern graduate next year may not far away to go to Beijing, Hefei can! July 25 afternoon, Beihang University, Hefei Science City project officially settled in Hefei new district. According to the plan, the end of September this year to start construction, is expected to completed in September next year, in addition to the northern achievements in scientific research to support the development of Hefei, the school will also set up the northern Hefei campus in Hefei, the first to take the lead next year to recruit graduate students.

is located in the New District less Tsuen Lake

in the afternoon, Hefei City, vice president of Beihang University leadership and housing built representing Hefei Municipal People’s government and the Beihang University BUAA Science City project signed a cooperation agreement.

It is reported that

, the northern Hefei Science City project is located in Hefei new high tech Industrial Development Zone, less Tsuen lake, a total area of about 2500 acres, will focus on research and innovation, transformation, high education, international exchanges and other 4 core sectors, the integration of basic research, cutting-edge core technology research, high-tech achievements, innovation, talent cultivation international exchanges and cooperation, harmonious and livable life system of 6 functions, to create an open, competitive, innovative ecological science city. Focus on the planning and construction of the northern Hefei Innovation Institute, Institute of microelectronics, Graduate School, University of science and Technology Park, the International Center for science and education.

after the completion of the project will effectively promote the depth of integration of technology and industry, is conducive to the strategic emerging industry, cutting-edge science and technology achievements transformation of high-tech enterprise incubator, and thus promote the industrial structure transformation and upgrading, boosting the regional economic development.

plans to recruit graduate students and undergraduate

"General Secretary Xi the papers written in the motherland, we come to Hefei but also in the practice of this mission is to arrive in Hefei at Beihang University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, the most important thing is to BUAA in intelligent manufacturing, quantum sensor, robot, biomedical and medical workers with big data and its achievements in to Hefei." Beihang University party secretary Zhang Jun said in an interview with reporters, power, will put the northern Hefei Science City scientific and technological achievements into service in the Hefei economic and social development, cultivation of innovative talents of the northern have foundation and strength good, so this time to set up related graduate school, a little longer to build a campus, to the northern people recommended


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