Henan alliance to start the integration of high quality entrepreneurial resources

business incubator platform has become an indispensable part of the field of entrepreneurship in China, the official guide and the establishment of independent civil incubator to help many entrepreneurial projects on the road. Recently, the focus of 10 billion fund in Henan innovation and entrepreneurship to create the whole industry ecosystem.

"hackerspaces number increased, but the service homogeneity, high quality project highlights the phenomenon is difficult, high-quality business investment platform is still scarce." Henan angel investment first, Li Ming, chairman of the board of directors of China Henan Haina venture capital group, said. The Henan alliance is to create through the integration of various resources, brainstorming, learn from each other, to provide a more innovative service for entrepreneurs.

set power is infinite, support for the Henan government guide, gathered the folk of all forces, the establishment of entrepreneurs Services resources platform, effectively promote the innovation and development of entrepreneurial projects, on the road to success.

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