Suzhou Entrepreneurship Week settled in the enterprise alliance Zhi chuang

in the joint efforts of the government and the people, Suzhou has formed a very good entrepreneurial environment, the influx of innovation and entrepreneurship. For the development of entrepreneurial enterprises has brought a lot of opportunities.

2016 Suzhou international elite Entrepreneurship Week will be held in Suzhou Cultural Expo Center on July. To promote entrepreneurship week for depth, showing the advantages of resources and Entrepreneurship Week features highlights, enhance Entrepreneurship Week guide international visibility and reputation, yesterday, the Organizing Committee held a media interview focused on the activities of entrepreneurship week.

According to Suzhou’s

Entrepreneurship Week settled enterprises leading talents in the League Forum to share their business experience, the reporter learned that, in April 2015, Suzhou international elite Entrepreneurship Week settled enterprises alliance was formally established, services include private directors, daily micro consulting, innovation and entrepreneurship, "said Tang Hui micro capital", "charity Salon future recruitment supermarket five.

the private board mode from the United States, has now become the growth of entrepreneurs the best mode of lifelong learning, there are many enterprises to participate in the activities in the planning listed.



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