n entrepreneurs how fast the secret of success

is the business if you start to notice, no matter what you call, how to say all the benefits of your product, how to pull advised your customers to buy your product, but has little effect. Either they are indifferent to it, or they will give you a wide variety of questions with your eyes closed. As long as there is a question answer is not satisfied, immediately turned away. At this time, you will feel how difficult it is to sell, but this is not the case?

The truth about the

thing is actually very simple, you feel the reason for the sale is difficult, you do not tell stories. The story is very convincing, far more than you can imagine. Do you often see some beggars on the street, they will be on the ground or on the neck of a cardboard, a very sad story.

This time

will stop you curious, sympathetic reading this worse than Qiong Yao drama. See half, you have tears. After all, you wipe your tears, pull out your wallet and blame yourself for not bringing any change today……

recently, an essay from the Liangshan Yi girls over the country. In this article, tears, she describes the story of her mother’s death. The composition was dubbed by the communicator, "it must be the saddest composition in the world……" Thus quickly attracted a lot of fans attention. After a lot of people read the story is easy to be touched on the ground, so as to give them a big Liangshan charity donations.

of course, this does not exclude the hype of a charity. However, the use of stories to arouse sympathy, and then to obtain practical results to prove the story of a powerful persuasion. So, is your product harder to sell than compassion?


as we all know, stock is a story telling process. No matter the quality is good or bad, the stock needs people to buy and sell operations. Attract people to buy and sell a large variety of reasons is the theme of the story, you believe in their story, you will look forward to the stock price turned red scene, will immediately go to buy.

this is the same with MLM truth, they have the name of the package has a nose with eyes of the national project banner. With the success of all kinds of stories to brainwash you, let you accept that they Losers are always in the wrong. theory, make you feel as if you don’t join them, your life is no any meaning. And will be able to immediately become a billionaire, enjoy the feeling of thousands of people admire. Many people have such a trap.

of course there are stories of fiction, such as the story of the Washington cherry tree that everyone knows. Washington used an axe to cut down his father’s cherry tree. Beloved father see the tree cut down, very angry, threatened to give the felling of a lesson. Washington in front of the rage of the father not avoid to admit his mistakes. The father was moved and said that Washington’s honesty was more valuable than all cherry trees

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