Strings of incense to join the brand what

Hot pot is one of the people who love Chinese dinner, because demand is big, Hot pot Market to attract consumers are also in the tricks of small Hot pot is emerging in this form. Spicy hot pot is a form of small hot pot, but also popular in the food and beverage market, a variety of specialty snacks. Chuanchuan Xiang aka " Malatang, " it is actually another form of Hot pot, so people often call it " ", " small Hot pot; Chuanchuan Xiang " first appeared in twentieth Century in mid 80s in Sichuan. The first string of incense, pots and dishes are very simple, development is almost no rinse. Different people produce strings of incense are different, therefore, a string of Sichuan Shannon variety, different flavors. Below we look at the string of incense to join the brand what.

Mom: Mom Guanxian Guanxian casserole string "Sanqi" string; use casserole cooked this "surprise", but also eat string telephone booking this as a "two odd", quail can also do this as a "Sanqi preserved egg". Hot pot, not dry do not get angry, I believe that this is a string of any other can not do, casserole is also home to a string of their home, in Sichuan, a lot of good strings, but after eating only a hangover. Decoration is very unique, everywhere you have a kind of illusion of being exposed to the farmhouse. Mom, mom, mom, crisp pork liver, mom secret beef is their specialty, with add pepper peanut noodles, spicy full. Per capita consumption of 30 yuan.

Yuan Ji: "parity" has been the way to remember the marketing route. Ten years ago, one of the most popular string of shops, hot pot flavor, for the love of hot pot and not much money for poor students, the University opened in the vicinity of the Yuan Ji became the first choice for everyone. The price is very cheap small sign 2 hair, big sign of $1, in particular, can eat 20 to block can eat to support the wall.

Yulin: ten years ago, the same note par Chuanchuan Xiang Yulin, then the two stores occupy 80% Sichuan Chuanchuan Xiang Yulin market, the taste is dominated by butter and Hot pot Yuanyang pot, price per capita of around 15, but each time after the visit will be a test of the stomach.

in Sichuan, there is a cold pot string brand called: one Ding Wang, not only long taste, spicy adjustable, taste dish variety, and easy to eat, rich leisure mood, inexpensive, very many consumer groups, there is a market.

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