Talking about the international cooperation of production capacity and equipment in Hunan

region’s economic development needs constant innovation and Reform in accordance with the trend of the times, in order to further promote the economic development of Hunan province to do what initiatives? What are the significant effects? Let’s take a look at!

Hunan daily news May 11th, the CPPCC Standing Committee, director of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the CPPCC National Committee, China Academy of Engineering Pan Yunhe as head of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the CPPCC member Chen Jian, deputy head of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the CPPCC research group to Hunan, to promote international cooperation and production capacity in our province to discuss.

members of the research group Lv Xinhua, Wang Shenghong, and so on, and so on, and so on, and so on, he, he, he, he, and so on, and so on, and so on, and so on,, Ai Ping, and so on. Provincial CPPCC Vice Chairman and Secretary General Yuan Xinhua, assistant governor and relevant departments in charge of the people to participate in the discussion and the introduction of the relevant circumstances of the case, the Secretary General of the provincial people’s Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) and the Secretary General of the Ministry of foreign affairs of the people’s Republic of China and the Secretary General of the.

in recent years, Hunan actively adapt to the new norm of foreign countries "high level and large scale introduction to go out", actively participate in the "The Belt and Road" and "going out", the surrounding interoperability, FTA and other major economic diplomacy strategy, with zero breaking double bridge, the extension of the city "," 100 billion overseas "the project as the starting point, and promote the international cooperation and production equipment to go out".

currently, Hunan approved a total of 1177 overseas enterprises, investment of 17 billion 153 million U.S. dollars contract, the contract investment of $11 billion 622 million, the actual foreign investment $7 billion 553 million, involving investment of 86 countries and regions, the scale of investment in the forefront of the country. Hunan overseas has established 9 Overseas Economic and trade cooperation zone, a large number of enterprises set up a manufacturing base, in the overseas R & D center and resource exploration and development base, the existing strategic emerging class of 156 overseas enterprises, resource exploration and development of class 124 overseas enterprises.

Pan Yunhe Hunan to carry out international cooperation in production capacity to obtain a wealth of experience affirmed. He pointed out that, to fully absorb other countries "go out" experience and lessons, to the direction of industrial development and planning, the use of two kinds of resources and two markets, to develop the first international standards, to further strengthen the benign competition, promote economic restructuring and upgrading and better development. Hunan is a big province of manufacturing industry, we must have a great plan, we hope to be able to make new contributions to the development of China’s economy, which is based on the advantages of market, talent, technology and management.

of the Hunan province to follow the trend of the times, follow the trend of positive international capacity cooperation is of great significance to promote the economic development of Hunan Province in transition, to further enhance the competitiveness of enterprises and the economic strength of Hunan!

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