How to open a grocery store

many operators are often used in the invisible related skills, will make the business of the shop becomes more prosperous. These skills are the hearts of countless investors who aspire to become the foundation of a successful shop. So, how to successfully open a grocery store? Let Xiaobian for you to analyze.

a, site

location is very important, because the business is general merchandise goods, consumer groups are mainly residents and units, choose to shop in a residential area near the school, large and medium-sized enterprises, the focus is preferred, or near the large flow of people in the market.

two, store arrangement

grocery store, a variety of miscellaneous goods, should be arranged display shelves before the best marked graph, which is convenient for the customers to pick out the target, the limited space is utilized, if conditions permit, the two layer is a layer of shelf, wall, floor, this kind of goods can be placed in the varieties more complete varieties, can attract more customers.

three, operating characteristics

1, cultivate potential customers. If the grocery store is still in the pipeline, we must seize the favorable opportunity to open, take some promotional measures to increase customers, attract the attention of consumers, as long as the customer into the store, you can buy one or two chances, even if not to buy, the general merchandise stores have to buy Natural map, you can find come.

2, service to smile. Good service attitude, this will be the source of customers, my family and relatives that as long as the customer in a shop, whether buying things, is with smile, give a person a kind of intimacy, customer source is especially good, people love to go to his shop to buy something, say. He next to the grocery store as his shop business, selling all the same, not many customers.

3, door-to-door. Some of the old customers, schools, units can be door-to-door, the end of the month closing, convenient for customers, expand the volume of business. A lot of old customers have mutual trust, they will make your grocery store promotion to other people, give you free of advertising.

4, membership. Membership can make grocery store culture consumers, through membership card integral rebate, can stimulate the desire of consumers to buy goods, to achieve the purpose of expanding sales.

finally to explain, is the most important business reputation, products quality is better, not shoddy, so as to establish a general merchandise store image, to win the trust of consumers, business will be steady, earning large quantities of gold each day.

said that although compared with some big shops, grocery store grade is lower.

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