Entrepreneurs should know some entrepreneurial knowledge

the concept of shopping malls, many entrepreneurs have failed to entrepreneurial success is very few. Now entrepreneurs not only to choose a good investment projects, but also should enrich their knowledge. Here are some suggestions for successful entrepreneurs.

A, establish strategic direction: combing the entire project highlights, namely how the strategic positioning and market positioning. An effective solution to this problem will provide a strategic basis for the financing and integration of the project. For external investors and strategic partners, the more clear the strategic direction of entrepreneurial projects, the more prominent the market highlights, the higher the degree of acceptance.

Analysis of

three, business model design: Based on a clear strategy, focus on the construction of different stages of combing the whole project, design of the transaction structure of internal and external model based on efficient operation to use the lower costs to move the project. A good business model can get twice the result with half the effort, it is from the positioning, business model design, the key resources capacity, profit model, cash flow structure and so on five angles to build the scientific value system.

Design: four,

five, project profit planning: for investors, we should not only provide a return ratio estimates of the project, as well as the formation of the final project return system, which is a systematic project, requiring the system planning and design.


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