Join the chain industry to find out who is the best money

chain industry is the accumulation of wealth, many entrepreneurs are born in the Master, and want to join the franchise industry, the first step is to figure out which people make the best money, can be targeted to find good projects.


female dominated consumption of the big half of the country is an indisputable fact. Therefore, in order to activate the consumer market, earn money, we must first insight into the era of women’s consumer psychology, then, which women to catch up with the express consumer to make money.

1. catch up with the trend of women. Catching up with the changing trend is the most eye-catching label for women. Tightly pegged to the women’s eyes, women will be able to seize the largest consumption hot spots.

2. love the vanity of women. Home life, women can be casual, but out of doors, women always have to show the inherent stronger".

3. women in love. As the saying goes, the man shoulder is a woman of the harbor, women always use their innocent techniques, let the men go to her shop empty pockets.

4. hordes of women. Shopping malls are the greatest pleasure and hobby for most women, and groups are the most common form of shopping. To the mall can not be empty handed, it will be outside, the king’s life is not affected". As long as they get out of the house, they will throw everything away and relax to satisfy their crazy shopping desire".

5. "vision first" women. Once they see and feel very good things, is not to die. Grasp this feature, making women pleasing objects, to create a relaxed environment for women, it is a lucrative coup.

children ranked third. In these, Wang Cheng Feng under the premise, many parents with children as the most preferred cost.


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