Yuelu District party secretary and entrepreneurial youth talk about dreams and reality

young entrepreneurs have unlimited potential. In order to encourage young entrepreneurs, Changsha, Yuelu District invited outstanding representatives of entrepreneurs and universities, business park, the person in charge of the party secretary and face to face communication, talking about the future development of the current business in Changsha.

2 21, Yuelu District invited outstanding student entrepreneurs representative, person in charge of University Science Park of Central South University and other colleges and universities employment office responsible person together, held a guest Salon ", on the one hand is to celebrate the upcoming Lantern Festival, more important is the hope that we talk about innovation and entrepreneurship. Party secretary Zhou Zhikai attended the forum.

he read in the lake began to do poineering work, 2014, Premier Li Keqiang to visit Wei Xiaoyu Changsha, prime minister to successfully sell a hand drawn map, "a red net". He said, entrepreneurship is very difficult, but the current business environment is good, the government attaches great importance to the policy, is also very awesome. At present, Wei Xiaoyu’s company in addition to operating cultural and creative products, but also operates fresh fruit e-commerce. In December 2015, his team to help Hunan County, Yongxing, nearly a hundred farmers selling 200 thousand tons of crystal sugar orange.

2015 in August, the introduction of Changsha, Changsha national entrepreneurship driven employment five years action plan (2015-2019), to encourage college students to start a business. As the gathering area, Yuelu District City, Yuelu District immediately issued a "Changsha promote maxspace (community)" measures for the implementation of "Yuelu District development and promoting the development of modern service industry a number of policy" and other documents, the introduction of specific incentives and support measures to encourage entrepreneurship, in the development of hackerspaces, the highest incentives to support up to 500 thousand yuan.

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