How to do a good job of WeChat marketing professional team for you

micro electricity supplier is different from the traditional e-commerce, a new electricity supplier model. China so far has 1 billion mobile customers, there are 600 million WeChat users, there are 180 million active users of WeChat, will bring trillion consumption capacity.

it is not like the traditional electricity supplier over reliance on the platform (such as Taobao / Tmall / Jingdong), but depends on your customers, and you keep in touch with customers. Micro electricity supplier requires you to pay more attention to customer management and long-term development, but also pay more attention to brand building.

in addition micro businesses also need to pay more attention to the buyers between the word of mouth, in the buyer’s social circle on (WeChat, micro-blog and other friends), forming two spread widely, attract more customers.

with the increasing number of users of WeChat, WeChat marketing has opened up a new era of marketing. She is a great innovation of enterprise marketing mode in the era of network economy. Perhaps you do not understand WeChat marketing, and even did not use WeChat, or do not use the mobile Internet, these are not a problem, choose a professional WeChat marketing platform, the problem solved.

Leton micro marketing platform: WeChat is not only a WeChat or a marketing platform, can provide mobile Internet solutions, e-commerce solutions, integrated platform terminal promotion solutions. Can provide public service number for the enterprise or individual, the current number of public price in the production of 10000-12000 yuan, for enterprises or individuals to make mobile phone site, the current average price of mobile phone site in 6000-8000 yuan.

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