Women start to seize the gender advantage good success

shopping malls such as the battlefield, "fragile" female entrepreneurs are occupy a space for one person in such a competitive environment. Entrepreneurial women, scenery here alone good.

20 global start empty-handed with $1 billion of female billionaires, 11 from the Chinese. This year a total of 153 women on the list, accounting for about 11.2% of the total wealth. And this one of the top three women are from China, respectively, is now worth 38 billion of the age of Zhang Yin, aged 46, worth $28 billion, and now the age of $27 billion worth of the Chen Lihua of the year of 53, and the value of the value of the current situation of the year of the year of the year, the number of women in the world is now worth $69.

"three high" actively play the advantages of

A, high overall quality. Female entrepreneurs at the age of 25-45 years old accounted for 62.4%, college degree or above accounted for   63.1 %, due to the age of the female of higher educational level, in the full vigour of life, are more likely to accept the challenge, adapt to changes in the environment.

three, the probability of success is high. Women start small and medium enterprises, beauty, clothing, food and beverage industry. As a result of women in the entrepreneurial process, a strong sense of risk prevention, they invest carefully, work steadily, so relatively stable, profitable, high probability of success.



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