Gong Haiyan readme failed second days left Jiayuan founded 91 aura is too heavy not enough focus

Abstract: the biggest mistake of my two venture is not focus, because I made some mistakes, to the end of these errors caused by the impact of the mentality. I have not the courage and determination to continue to adhere to the." Gong Haiyan looked lonely said.


grass root counter attack story happened again, this time is the 51Talk acquisition of 91 foreign teachers.

January 16th, 51Talk China World Trade Center store, scheduled morning 10:00 conference by Gong Haiyan 10:30 the time to be long in coming.

this time, Gong Haiyan did not wear her red shirt consistently, but a blue jacket and gray pants, gaunt.

in the second half of last year, ladder network, the good network have fallen, Gong Haiyan was reduced to 91 front line of foreign teachers, but after six months or sold. "The biggest mistake I made in my two venture was not focus, because I made some mistakes, and finally the error caused by the impact of the mentality. I have not the courage and determination to continue to adhere to the." Gong Haiyan looked lonely said, then she would adjust for a period of time, a good reflection.

about one or two months ago, 91 of the teachers have revealed weakness, CEO Zheng Xinli left, employees have resigned, Gong Haiyan also began looking for new homes for 91 foreign teachers. Gong Haiyan said at the press conference, 51Talk, on the one hand is indeed experienced their courses and services, also know they took about 70000000 dollars in financing, to have a better 91 foreign students and the existing service guarantee. On the other hand, they are headquartered in Beijing, some of the 91 foreign teachers can continue to work 51talk.

"91Talk is a company that has been seriously underestimated." 51TalkCEO Huang Jiajia repeatedly stressed this point. According to its sources, the acquisition of 91 foreign teachers mainly focus on the following points: 91 the teacher’s curriculum comprehensive and targeted; has mature technology and operation team; users are very diversified, including teenagers and business users; then the famous founder Gong Haiyan given 91 foreign brand influence.

51Talk this is a wholly-owned acquisition of 91 foreign teachers, the current transaction has been completed. After the merger, 51Talk original paid users plus 91 foreign teachers of the 5000 users, the total number of users will exceed 50 thousand people. Huang Jiajia introduction, the horizontal acquisition is a pure cash acquisition, does not involve the issue of shares, the two sides decided not to disclose specific figures, but it is a fair price. After the acquisition, 91 foreign teachers will still be retained for a period of time, including Europe and the United States as well as the management of teachers and management team, will achieve a smooth handover. However, he said the company will still be dominated by foreign teachers in Philippines, will be based on the needs of the user to adjust the business of 91 foreign teachers, the teaching model will be the main push one to one.

as a matter of fact, 51TALK would like to take this opportunity to acquire,

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