What are the conditions for joining Tiemuzhen barbecue

is a brand Tiemuzhen barbecue buffet barbecue grill house break the normal procedure management mode, to consumers on the tall dining environment, selected high quality ingredients and ingredients, only for consumers to create the most comfortable dining experience, to join the Tiemuzhen barbecue, first to find out what are the conditions for joining.

is what

Tiemuzhen barbecue franchise

Tiemuzhen join conditions as follows:

1. identity "Tiemuzhen barbecue" corporate culture, business philosophy, business model and service system, and jointly safeguard the "Tiemuzhen barbecue" quality brand image, accept the headquarters of the unified management;

2. franchisee recognition and passion for the cause of Korean cuisine, from the heart of this industry, can be dedicated to the management, with a strong sense of service and management;

3. franchisee has a certain economic strength, good reputation, a long-term vision of development;

4. franchisees have a certain sense of risk awareness, understanding of the Korean food market, the market has a clear concept;

5. franchisee with independent behavior of social citizens.

joined the investment analysis:

Tiemuzhen barbecue

1, Turkey: barbecue equipment investment 1 – 2 units, a refrigerator, an infrared oven, steaming machine;

2, liquidity: 300 yuan can be opened;

3, king of grilled hamburger: each cost 0.8 yuan -1 yuan (including meat, spices, labor, electricity, rent) price 3-5 yuan / share, profit 2 yuan -3.5 yuan, the general day to sell 300 copies of Turkey roast hamburger, profit of 500 yuan -600 yuan.

4, roast King barbecue: each cost 0.8 yuan -1 yuan, priced at 6-8 yuan profit of 4-6 yuan. Generally sold 30 copies of barbecue profits in more than $120 per day, considerable profits.

5, rice, roast Crispy Chicken Rice: each cost 4-5 yuan, the price per 10-15 yuan

6, barbecue rice: each cost 4-5 yuan, priced at 15-20 yuan


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