Yancheng a state owned enterprise employees have died also issued condolences gold

we often encounter in the life of the impostor phenomenon, serious can impersonate entrance to the university. This is not a state-owned enterprises in Yancheng employees have died, but still continue to pay condolences gold. What exactly is this? Recently, Yancheng building materials Machinery Co. Ltd. many employees suspected, the two government staff to the difficulties relief misappropriation of gold, then to the unit in charge of Yancheng City Safety Supervision Bureau for a 2015 condolences blonde table. Workers check found that the list does not match the actual distribution.

subsequently, the modern express reporter survey that two years the company a total of more than 160 thousand yuan did not issue difficulties. The money was misappropriated or Impersonator? In this regard, the Yancheng City Safety Supervision Bureau responded that this is the company’s independent behavior, in 2015 and in 2016 the difficulty is still in the enterprise, has ordered the company to issue as soon as possible.


enterprise spring condolence payments had been falsely claimed?

condolences gold unusual, the government gave the Spring Festival to the warmth of the disadvantaged groups, the money was actually someone dare to reach out." The day before the Yancheng netizen posting said, Yancheng building materials Machinery Co. Ltd. is the Yancheng City Safety Supervision Bureau of subordinate enterprises, employees have been suspected of capital account has a problem, especially in the annual Spring Festival condolences to Kim municipal government issued on the restructuring of enterprises in difficulty, whereabouts a mystery.

workers on behalf of the repeated requests, Yancheng City Safety Supervision Bureau has provided a Yancheng building materials Machinery Co., Ltd. in 2015 to send condolences to the blonde table. Post users said they were in contact with some of the distribution table to verify, the results of many people puzzling, did not receive, especially the large amount of people".

below the net posts, but also attached a "Yancheng building materials Machinery Co., Ltd. in 2015 condolences to the blonde put the table," the top of the list of many workers and the amount of money. Modern Express reporter rough count, there are 72 employees in the form of payment, the majority of people 200-300 yuan, the number of people ranging from a few thousand dollars, up to a person of up to $20 thousand, with a total amount of more than 90 thousand yuan, a total of more than $12.

"this is a table of work safety supervision bureau to provide us the representatives of the employees, we suspect the administration claimed the money." Post Xia told Modern Express reporter, he is Yancheng building materials Machinery Co., ltd.. According to him, the company is an old state-owned enterprises, restructuring is not complete, is currently in a state of production.


Some of the objects on the

table have long passed away

Many workers on the

list, said he did not receive so much money, some families are angry, because some of the staff on the list is not recommended


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