Shenzhen rail transit model matures

now many cities have entered the era of the subway, the subway has become an important means of transport in the city, to facilitate people’s travel, ease the pressure on urban traffic. Shenzhen in 2004 has entered the era of the subway, to the year 2016 has opened eighth subway lines, so that the 3 million 900 thousand Shenzhen people feel the convenience of rail transportation.

where the subway repair, the city built where." Lin Maode, chairman of Shenzhen Metro Group, said that through the development model, construction model and other innovations, the next 15 years, the Shenzhen subway will remain at the peak of construction, while driving the appearance of Shenzhen city change.

subway construction based on urban development

2015 in December 30th, China’s first, Asia’s largest underground transport hub – Shenzhen Futian station opened to traffic. Here can not only be compatible with high-speed rail train, 5 subway lines are also here, and has 33 bus lines.

"this is the inevitable choice of Shenzhen rail transit construction." Chinese railway construction tiesiyuan Futian station chief designer Shen Xuejun said, "the design of Futian station to the subway as the core, careful arrangements for high-speed rail, bus and other modes of transport links, strengthen the regional radiation capacity of the central area of Shenzhen."

Futian station is the country’s first high-speed rail transit transfer based high-speed rail station, the surrounding supporting planning has 5 subway lines, 11 subway stations. At the same time, the 3 cities of public transport, rental and feeder stations, effectively realized the rapid evacuation of personnel.

Lin Maode said that as a super large city, Shenzhen subway construction concept, speed and mode, must be based on the city’s development path. At present, the proportion of rail transit in Shenzhen public transport more than 30%, Shenzhen has become the city of the city’s fourth subway operation.

cooperative development financing innovation model

as a pioneer of reform and opening of Shenzhen Metro City, innovation in construction, management, operation and service, the practice of "cooperative development + BT (build transfer) financing construction, MTR station, transfer station + commercial complexes and other new ways to explore a road of sustainable development.

2015, in the Shenzhen subway construction of a new round of bidding, Shenzhen metro company decided to adopt the new large section of general contract management mode, the package will be commissioned by the central enterprises to organize the implementation of the project construction, play a central enterprises jointly with local strong advantage.

Chinese railway construction in Shenzhen Metro Line 6, 8, 10, three line construction, to solve a series of problems of construction and management. Such as China Railway twenty-three Bureau Shenzhen recommend

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