The monkey Spring Festival mascot exposure was friends Tucao ugly

yesterday, CCTV Spring Festival evening micro-blog announced in 2016 the year of the monkey Spring Festival mascot design and 3D modeling, causing users crazy Tucao, almost a side of the inverted 3D modeling ugly to cry.

1 21 on the afternoon, CCTV Spring Festival Gala official micro-blog officially announced in 2016 the year of the monkey Spring Festival mascot Kang Kang, and paste the mascot Kang Kang, the original design and three-dimensional renderings. However, the three-dimensional version of Kang Kang’s shape has been a lot of friends Tucao said stereo version ugly to cry".

it is reported that the year of the monkey show creator Han Meilin design mascot "Kankan" by national artist, Beijing Olympic mascots "Fuwa", to China traditional ink painting art forms, vivid show "monkey" clever and lively features. As the second mascot in the history of the Spring Festival Gala, it will appear in this way on the stage of this year’s Spring Festival Gala, causing people curious. Some netizens questioned the stereo effect to design the hand made picture is lump, that is a monkey stuffed up like a drum face.

however, the stereo version of "healthy" strange shape and red yellow and green color was friends Tucao:

PINKPUNKPONK: the two ball is designed to sell Meng Meng fist you, to make a large sarcoma.

n leave the memory line will not work: the manuscript is pretty good, but how the three-dimensional can be so ugly


melancholy ego: I Chinese monkey looks like? I disagree。

lyq oh oh: original beauty   3D feeling on a pirated

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