How to improve the popularity of remedial classes

only higher popularity, consumer choice will be greater, so the probability of success will naturally be higher. Because of this, many people are constantly trying to improve their popularity. So, how to improve the popularity of remedial classes? Here to talk about a dollar counseling class project, can be a good way to improve the popularity of remedial classes.

can print a lot of publicity leaflets, in front of the school, students as long as 1 dollars, can go to the course of learning English, 1 dollars can buy a class learning time, let parents choose that day to take the kids to the lectures, many parents were enrolled, after all, a piece of money, basic is it away, and then rent a large classroom for many classes of students, but most of them are parents with the use of the conference marketing mode teaching, in line to buy a set of relatively strong interaction in English teaching, on the spot test result, many parents think it sounds the way to learn English very simple, feel that their children can certainly learn.

because you want to make money for students, in fact, or parents earn money, parents feel very simple, think this is good, will certainly pay you, who do not want their children to learn well, so seize the psychological parents, after class, take the initiative to after a few days of the curriculum to let parents see that is 1 dollars one hour.

at this time, parents have recognized this teaching method, so it is willing to let their children to come to lectures, lectures because of many people, so 1 dollars every day can actually look a little attracted more than and 100 students come to lectures, they will take the initiative back to publicity, so every day the income of more than and 100.

The textbook of

but also sell textbooks is the lecture for sell, each priced at more than and 200, is actually the cost of their carved dish basically a few dollars, and later launched the elite class, this class is certainly not 1 dollars, and this class of good students are free to join the study is not good, the parents of the students certainly willing to pay to send their children to this class, because everyone knows that with good students in a learning certainly does not return the difference.


sound weird? However, want to do a good job of propaganda, many times it is so simple. So, if you let you improve the popularity of remedial classes, do you know how to do it? Such a piece of money a class of remedial classes, looks very cheap, in fact, is the first to pay the concept of operation, only to allow others to recognize your level, they will dig more money to support you.

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