nternet entrepreneurship focus after the plus

now has eight ten entrepreneurs will say their business related to the Internet, and the Internet as a tie, with style and wealth. As everyone knows, the Internet is not omnipotent. In this era of entrepreneurship Internet plus, the most important is plus.


now whether or not you have done business or traditional industries entrepreneurs in the capital market, the relative proliferation of Dismissals and Returns, they do not bad money, not their own APP brand? Money is capricious, hey, get a APP make it! Then please technology UI, please, please continue to various sales online and offline marketing talent team expands gradually, when it was discovered that he had run the market is in the crush of the inside, too many people have money, APP too much! Exit or sharpening team going? Well, this is a problem.

"Internet plus", another kind of thinking quality, combined with the

online and offline

APP should not follow suit, it is recommended to teach you


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