University internship this year built a single site earned 100 thousand

time passed so quickly that in the blink of an eye it seemed like a nap, and the good times of the University sped past. While my classmates are busy looking for job internships, I don’t know what to do. The good times in college may be carefree. You can play whatever you want to play. Neither the teacher nor the student will interfere too much. Play games, Internet, karaoke, girlfriend, in the university life too normal, the students are busy to enjoy this beautiful life, the so-called "one single" naturally I’m honored to have this wonderfull life, I love to play games, and is very fond of, but it is because love to play the game "achievement" the theme I write today.

University internship this year, single built website, I earned 100 thousand. Someone may think, how could 100 thousand for a haven’t graduated from college? Will the students busy looking for work practice, has always been to new things will soon be able to accept me, a chance to meet a friend from high school construction site to earn a lot of money. Although I lost the fun of the game inside the killing, but also read the book more than 10 years, has experienced numerous old teachers, teachers and parents of baptism, eventually understand that 10 years of studying hard the hard and the pursuit of their own friends, saying that "the most important site does not affect too much time to play the game". May be lucky, in a friend’s inspiration, and then find a lot in the Internet website information, through their own continuous exploration and friends advice I finally set up a success your first website, through the purchase of space and domain name management system installed phpwind forum, the first successful foot site erection new gadgets and management personnel hidden. The station is set up, it can be a "guanggansiling" for a long time it can not meet the play that game brings hidden, why not put the station and game together? But also needs to locate a visiting group to build a website, the word "game" soon appeared in his mind, can keywords the use Baidu Search "game" like a vast sea alone to hit the head when I can, so I put the range again reduced to online games later reduced it. At the end of "rare cannot" is the first station I determine the construction, most are now online, if you want to trace the source of "piracy", but long long, in this I will not say more, plus he played many servers, thus determine a goal, work hard and good positioning soon from the space can not meet the access to change to VPS at the end of the flow is more and more big change to independent host, alone 20 thousand daily visits to IP, our text advertising prices at least 150/ weeks, according to the different position of advertising the highest price has sold more than 1000, because during the station reputation agent server, so on this forum cannot rare half do not fully earned more than 3, by every month to ask the family to a few hundred yuan living expenses to live their life well-off earned 3 yuan, many did not say, it is more important I have added a lot of confidence.

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