Novice webmaster also about the movie small and medium sized Web site survival

remember the beginning of contact website construction or start from the CN domain name, it is only 1 yuan, a friend told me to play, to investment is not large, it is also since then, there has been a large number of Internet Chinese garbage station, of course, I am also one of them, you see my station know, oh, feel shy, out of shame,

but this is only a beginning, our technology is a good news for small owners, not too large bandwidth requirements, only need to connect the acquisition, the rest is SEO, general webmaster is like this.

there is content, not copied content, not reproduced content, nor is it garbage content. A large amount of high-quality, original, and related content.

why do you say that,


first, all web operators, designers, and web marketers should first figure out a principle that you are not a search engine client. Search engines have no obligation to bring you traffic, search engines to search those visitors, is the search engine customers. The purpose of the search engine is to serve them and satisfy them.

, and these visitors are not looking for products and services, not looking for your company. They are looking for information that can solve their own problems.

when I explained this to my wife yesterday, I gave an example. For example, you want to go online to find the pot meat how to do?. You to the search engine ", if a site Double cooked pork slices" introduces the practice of Double cooked pork slices will go to see you. Then you may also see other dishes on this site. If the site happens to be selling recipes, some of which are not featured on his web site and other sites, and it looks tempting, you might buy this recipe.

this is the best course for a website to sell products and services to its customers. That is, providing visitors with useful information to solve their problems. Build credibility while visitors browse your website and let him find your product by the way. When a visitor needs it, he may buy your product or service.

stands in the position of the search engine, your company’s products or services are much more great, it doesn’t make any sense. What the search engine wants is good, high quality content to solve the problem of search engine customer. According to this logic, you need to build a large amount of useful content that surrounds your products and services.

many customers don’t understand this, sometimes, some customers will ask ranking service, but insisted on his website only 5 pages: home, about us, contact us, chairman of words, our purpose. Maybe these 5 pages are important to you. For the search engines and visitors, who cares about you?.

second, with a lot of content, you can be in customer >

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