Entrepreneurship in Beijing Zhongguancun entrepreneurs start to spend much cost

an Internet venture team decided to start the business, at the beginning of the first to pay some costs. 36 krypton, according to the survey, in Zhongguancun as an example, make a list of the initial cost.

in the actual operation, the entrepreneurial team may also be ", The Eight Immortals Crossing the Sea Gexianshentong, find a variety of other low-cost alternatives, realize the purpose of" save money "on the basis of this, and can quickly start the product development. For example, in the product development period, the first rental homes or incubator station instead of office buildings. Even if entrepreneurs have their own resources, you can apply for government support entrepreneurship, preferential policies of the Industrial Park settled, or into some incubation space, can get free office space in the early. In office supplies, computers, office desks and chairs, which can be rented or bought by the collapse of the start-up company left second-hand goods.

our goal is to give you a reference, if you start in Zhongguancun venture, you may have to spend a starting cost, there is a number. At the same time, the cost allocation can also make friends in the beginning of the first venture office excitement, quickly understand what you need to configure, then an item to run, to do OK.

why is Zhongguancun


mention Internet venture, Beijing’s Internet industry entrepreneurs will most likely think of Zhongguancun, Zhongguancun as one of the places to visit. As a starting point, Zhongguancun will become a reference to the rest of the entrepreneurs to visit other places.

there are a large number of Internet Co, surrounded by Peking University, Tsinghua University and other famous universities, recruiting staff and interns convenience. Convenient transportation, near the residential area can also be rented for employees, living facilities are also perfect. Many of the founders and employees may have graduated from the University of Zhongguancun, they are familiar with here, but also have a dependency. Like the formation of Silicon Valley ecology, Stanford University and University of California at Berkeley in which the University also contributed.

technology center aggregation effect so many people will choose to take root here. Although overall from Beijing, Zhongguancun’s entrepreneurial costs will be on average. But there is no doubt that Zhongguancun is indeed the emergence of a large number of well-known Internet companies China, and is the emergence of a large number of start-up companies have the potential to change the world. The cost is considered on the one hand, but the founder of the consideration is to try to make their own team in a comfortable environment.

we calculate the cost of

first, we must first register a company

Internet start-up companies seek to save time, the general agent service agents will find registration services. Now the Internet agent service companies more efficient than traditional companies, convenient, even lower prices.

registered limited liability company

Zhongguancun belongs to Beijing, Haidian District, registered in Haidian District limited liability company to obtain the business license of the legitimate business qualification, agent registration requirements

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