How did the enterprise succeed in the two venture

in fact, an enterprise in order to turn to the track of the two business is also very difficult to come to see how our market is able to prevent or solve the business enterprise is the bottleneck?

G’s mistake is blind expansion, while ignoring the price earnings ratio. The world’s top 500 in per capita output, most companies are in 1 million dollars; economically, staff wages, should be equivalent to the company’s turnover of around 10%, the proportion of software enterprises to be big, basically maintained at about 18%. Therefore we see that the average annual salary of Nanjing software company employees in 40 thousand, so G company needs to ensure turnover in order to achieve development in around 45 million, but actually? G turnover of nearly half of the difference. If you do not recruit people, focusing on the development of old employees, give them equity, as far as possible to retain them, and then take care of the project, my company will not be so fast down." G boss once said to the author.

followed by management, the two venture shall strengthen executive power as the core task to catch. The so-called executive power, can be understood from two aspects: first, it is a kind of culture, which emphasizes the leadership of the cultural experience and the sense of crisis of employees; second, it is a discipline, not the rules can not Cheng Fangyuan. Every successful company has a set of effective measures to control its own execution and discipline, such as Microsoft’s Scrub, IBM matrix management, as well as GE’s 6 sigma.

is the last operation, the two venture need to consolidate old positions under the premise.


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