Talk about the fate of my life and the nternet

ok. Since my wife got pregnant, I feel like I’m going to change and change my character. From the earliest others take care of themselves, become themselves, take care of themselves, and now have to take care of others, and so old, and become someone else to take care of themselves. Well, life is a cycle. Every character plays it. Life is full.

, write something casually today. This is a summary and reflection of my first half of my life.

each time has his characteristic, on-line these scripts are many, I do not write any. I think we are in the 80 after I – the current state of life, say.

my experience is simple, but I think it may not be easy. After I graduated from junior high school, I didn’t go to school. I just looked for something to help me sell at home. 120 yuan a month. At that time, I was taught to smoke. I had a pack of cigarettes a day and had to be Hongmei, or I didn’t smoke very much. Well, smoking cigarettes, every month there is no other money, really poor, but also eat at home, sleep at home, and the other are not how to spend money.

later go to the site to engage in building the day’s work, because the foot is a nail. It’s not dry.

then listen to the family’s opinion, the district bathhouse work, and at the beginning, is to collect tickets, shoeshine, towel pass. Followed by the next bathhouse, rub back, massage (now go to sauna, I have to tell people, ah, I have done a massage), the industry is seasonal, obviously, the two quarter of winter money ah, spring and summer on the end. At this time, like the Internet, free time to go to the Internet bar. At that time, Internet cafes are expensive, 5 hours an hour, but also a hobby. After two years in the bathhouse, some money was saved. Go to a computer school in Hefei to learn computer, scold shit private computer school here, regardless of the quality of students how to learn, as long as you can pay, many students are making a lot of money, but can only learn a part. Some people engage in Web sites, some people engage in design, some people engage in programming, some people engage in hardware, there are people engaged in education, someone engaged in 3D, someone engaged in film and television, all the money paid, but you can only do the same. Because you can’t all learn, even if you’ve learned, you can’t find a job, you learn everything.

Oh, just messing around, the research on the site. In Hefei for so long a year, when looking out for work, people ignore you. Oh. Later on the Internet to understand a person, let me go to Guangdong to work, what did not want to come over, bought tickets, sit on the train, just feel regret, and do not know people, so come over, cheated, how do?. Fortunately, this friend did not lie to me, in fact, I have nothing to cheat, ha ha, after coming, in a company engaged in graphic design, 600 yuan salary. Pack do not eat, make do, slowly, and somehow have dinner, from now on, everything depends on yourself.

the muddle along without any aim after a few years, these years is absolutely covered before, I think most of my friends also.

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