ZERO personal website promotion is single minded and exquisite

when the webmaster’s time is not long, but play well, the website promotion experience is not many, but teaching new or can. The speaker: Taboo — for random website promotion, website promotion and fine – specific notes. As a personal webmaster, it is impossible to understand everything. As a website promotion, it is impossible to use it in every way. Method to choose suitable for the site, the program to choose their own, with the most appropriate method to achieve the maximum promotion effect, this is what we have to do.

many novice webmaster, always like to ask if there is no efficient promotion method, there is no flow to increase the software, ah, there is no keyword brush tool ah?. As an old webmaster, these ideas can also understand, who does not want to drop the moon cake, ah, the problem is that the sky can not be dropped moon cake ah. Therefore, the results of the promotion of new sites are generally, one day down, busy busy, what all try to do, but what effect can not do it. Here are some examples:

to flow it, good, plus QQ mass advertising. Results: two were issued, people were scolded, no hair, lose face. Well, try it again and post it. How about the result? Don’t want to say more, send too much, the direct URL is blocked. Listen to so and so the boss said soft hair is good. With enough strength, he wrote a personal feeling and made a few stops. Oh, I’m exhausted. I’ll never write again. What to do, but not what to do, what do not move the brain to do, how can such a good website promotion! Website promotion must make a choice, choose the most suitable for you, or you choose to do, as long as this one is done, your site spread out.

example 1:


always saw a lot of people say that tens of thousands of traffic do QQ group promotion methods one day. See this, perhaps you will say, how can, absolutely impossible. Ha ha, I want to say that nothing is impossible, thousands of traffic, I can say for sure, absolutely can do, because I have done. Tens of thousands of traffic can do, I do not know.

why I can do it? Remember is when my hand holds the latest animation resources, will add dozens of animation group, and then one by one with the main group chat, let him put me the resources. On the announcement, have spent the whole day with him has been McCain, negotiated results how many, forget, flow to the more than 2000. What was the reason for my success? I chose the most suitable method for me at that time, and spent a lot of energy on it.

example 2:

Baidu post bar is a good place, people flow is really not a little bit high, definitely a website promotion treasure. But stick it also tube more strict, hair much more rotten, very easy to be K, then how should I do?. My solution is to rob the building. Remember when I promoted this fast movie website, because I was familiar with One Piece’s anime update time and the latest places to refer to the video, while in the sea

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