Rookie also make money network station to make money see

began in 2003 to spend money for a QQ number (at that time, I do not know how to have a mailbox application), personal blog, personal site over a period of time, but I have spare time online, because once a week is not more than 10 hours, a little experience I will talk about my station network construction the.

one, how to build a web site? If you want to professional website, it is best to find a professional website design company to do, spend a few thousand dollars. Of course, if you will build better, but do stand to do a lot of production software, generally speaking, ordinary people can not do comprehensive, but only a little bit, I belong to one of them. Spend 1 yuan to buy a CN domain name, and then spend 80 yuan to buy a stable 200M or so space, in the webmaster online find a favorite source code, modify upload can become a station. Take a little thought to enrich the content, a station will be good, not more than an hour, it will be finished, ha ha, this is suitable for rookie like me.

two, how to improve the quality of website statistics? Is everyone will see every day, are often concerned about IP and PV ratio, if your ratio is 1, the search engine will think that your site is not worth being concerned. If your ratio is more than 4, your website content is very good, visitors to your site can browse 4 pages above. The higher the ratio, the more likely the police will pay attention to you, the higher your weight. One way to do this is to update it every day, and only make the best. Think about things from the visitor’s point of view. Good content is the foundation of the website’s success. "Content is king," Wang said.

three, how to let Baidu included your site? Built website to do promotion, to join the search engine Baidu! Now for the new requirements strictly, not half a ten days and a half months not included you, now there is a way to let Baidu fast included. That is how to weight high forums, such as the PR=5 A5 forum, can also go to some advertising posts such as forum, forum day in my community PR=2, anyway as long as it is updated every day of your site, after the release, Baidu will look at your website for a period, but soon will be included. Hundred tries not to be good. Ha-ha。

four, how to improve the amount of web access? When your site has been built and successfully selected by Baidu, Google, YAHOO and other famous search police, you can quickly increase your visit. Improving access usually involves doing the following:

1, setting up keyword keywords is like an article central idea. For example, "application for Party membership" this keyword, a day search volume of 1-2 IP, keyword must be in the web page title in about 2-3 times, not too much. Not with the keyword set to site title, for example, I want to join the party, I use the title party application, Baidu included after the first day to visit 800IP, 15 days after it reached 1500IP, but Baidu quickly to K, the reason is to do with the title keyword, search engine pay attention to.

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