The development in the local forum to win in innovation

" forum into the threshold is too low! " the brothers all agree with this view, because of the low barriers to entry, just look at the Baidu search in a local forum, there are several hundreds, but can really do influence but less and less, most forum in a few months or half a year after operation various reasons were forced to shut down, the forum has become the most short-lived web sites.

1. Site positioning in the early stage is actually a word, the needs of users is the purpose of the site, the forum is easy, not easy,


2. The development of the popular forum is very important, it is easy to talk about the forum Dongguan, Dongguan Yi forum was founded in September 2008 is the time of financial crisis, the Dongguan forum launched post for easy integration, promotion for integral, integral exchange phenomenon, greatly boosting the enthusiasm of the popularity and website posting. Case study: in the financial crisis, everyone’s attitude towards money will be more important than any other time, so it is easier for netizens to identify themselves with the idea of using this opportunity to introduce "part-time jobs for everyone".

3. The interactive activities of the forum is very important, Dongguan forum was held in February 14, 2009 to " I have the Qixi Festival traditional, Western boycott vulgar Valentine’s day " by the number of media attention, when the Double Ninth Festival Dongguan Easy Forum organized mountaineering activities coincided with the Dongguan TV broadcast interview, and of course that live not every forum are the lucky can by the media, but a good topic, it is very important for the forum to go out.

4. How to face the crisis? I believe we still remember the 2009 domestic Internet anti vice storm, many forums and websites fell, a crisis must have the opportunity, face a lot of forum closed, we contact a well-known server hosting mechanism, as far as possible to ensure the normal operation of the forum can, at the same time we also increased the publicity, Baidu auction, a lot of people do not understand, this time the risk is so high you still dare to take money out? The fact that our decision is correct.

5. The success of the site generally need at least two years earlier, some webmaster will see that others make money desperately want to enter, a forum or website to accumulate their own users, advertisers, if you want to keep a long-term development forum, not to suggest stationmaster website popularity began selling advertising even some ghastly advertising.

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