What are the brand strategy of edible oil

edible oil make an indispensable part of our daily life, so the edible oil market is huge, investors are eager to join the project. However, to create a good brand of edible oil strategy has become a topic of concern to investors. Here is a small series for everyone to answer it.

2004 autumn advertising media storm arowana has been advocated by the 111 widespread concern, but also because of malicious attacks by competitors to make the integrity of the enterprise was questioned. This is primarily because the domestic market is not standardized caused, in each industry had a similar event, arowana from this incident the lessons to be learned is the domestic special economic environment sensitive and reasonable response to the market. From another side analysis, arowana to relatively rational "111" as the brand appeal, from the creative beginning by various levels to combat, which proves that rational demands simple or has great limitations, and emotional appeals to must combine to create a relatively perfect brand. The main strategy of

        from the point of view of the degree of difficulty of the promotion of "pure" and "the Great Hall of the people for" very easy to understand, is also very easy to remember, relatively simple in the minds of consumers to establish a high quality; and "111" which is very difficult to explain the concept, although the enterprise expensive or not by the consumer understanding, but also to the competitors to attack the gap, become high difficulty on communication.

        from the promotion process, arowana with famous host Sally Wu spokesperson, the advantage is that Sally Wu’s popularity and healthy image, the disadvantage is that the Sally Wu and the concept of family is far away, this is not as good as in Luhua housewife, but only about enterprise visibility and Wu. Not to maximize the role of Wu Wu’s life — such as shooting feature, show Wu housewife life or let Wu do a special.


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