Shanxi province of entrepreneurship policy greatly relaxed

2015 re employment in the country has carried out a number of policy deregulation in order to encourage the public to actively entrepreneurship. Recently, Shanxi Province issued the latest management implementation plan, encourage technical personnel in business, and allow students for entrepreneurship.

students leave school business

allows full-time students drop out entrepreneurship; allow and encourage universities, research institutes and other institutions and state-owned enterprises of professional and technical personnel in business, the income of all individuals; foster and support qualified enterprises listed (listed)…… December 29th, the reporter learned from the provincial government, the Shanxi vigorously promote the implementation of the public entrepreneurship innovation program, the introduction of a number of new deal, designed to stimulate the vitality of entrepreneurial innovation in Shanxi.

1 how to create

to construct characteristic vector space

to cultivate various types of public record

the idea, no money, so many people to realize the dream of entrepreneurship. The future, our province will accelerate to reduce costs as an important part of the construction of places of business, increasing Small and micro businesses vector space and the area of subsidies, actively revitalize the idle commercial land, industrial workshop, warehouse and other low-cost carrier resources, facilitate enterprises to provide the conditions for personal housing rental, idle housing financing.

for the use of idle commercial buildings, industrial workshop, warehouse, logistics facilities and home businesses, for the housing transactions, leasing, mortgage, property management departments at all levels will be opened up Easy Access.

guide and support the provincial large enterprises to use existing national and provincial technology center, national and Provincial Key Laboratory of innovation platform, investment Small and micro businesses, create characteristic of Shanxi service platform.

The new mode of establishing

2 access environment

explores one more license registration mode


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