What are the matters needing attention in the development of the old shop

China is a country with a long history, there are a lot of brands, after years of development, many brands have become a veritable old. "Wearing" horse springs’, ‘inline’, ‘foot in runfuxiang’, ‘but the four Heng "." From the old Beijing city in the widely spread of folk songs, it is not difficult to see the glory of the old and old people’s favorite.

according to the relevant departments of statistics, in China, the official certification of the country as the "old Chinese" enterprises have more than 2 thousand, mainly in the pharmaceutical, food and other industries; the old name of the enterprise is not a few million. Among them, the retail industry in the old shop, many of the cigarettes as an important business.

some of the existing old brands in our country have the characteristics of small scale, old ideas, low management level, and are facing severe challenges in the increasingly fierce market competition. Below we combine the "attention" old "retail store" in the planning of the four shops, to explore the old shop in the development of the need to pay attention to some of the problems.

family management VS modern enterprise system

self-employed, family management, many old shops have left such a development trajectory. Today, some shops still continue the family management system, some change the original management system, the implementation of modern enterprise system.

"Lu Xietai", although the two stores are soy food is the successor to family business, but the former is still managed by family members, the latter from family management to modern enterprise system, although the management system is different, but the two are to resolve the crisis management.

for the old name, the family management system and the modern enterprise system which is better? As a self-employed, if small scale, managers don’t need less, the allocation of power, the family management is feasible, so the "Lu Xietai" is still full of life; if the business scale, the management needs of the division, family management problems are more prominent, soy food timely change the original management system, the modern enterprise system is an example.

in the long run, with the expansion of the scale of operation, the store in order to obtain long-term development, we must consider the use of modern enterprise system, in accordance with the modern enterprise mechanism of large-scale, standardized, professional operation. Taikang Muslim food store can grow from Xuzhou local old name "Chinese old", its modern management system.

legacy VS abandon

excellent tradition when inheriting

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