New station how to do and earn traffic and make money

everyone may be more interested in this topic, but also the novice webmaster who discuss the most problems. The boy is not material, in this competition today, or that sentence, a good way is to share with friends. Hope everyone can support!

!Before the first

in the website, must give the site location, people often mention, can really understand this sentence webmaster is not much, what is the positioning, that is not clear what the site before you, and want to NiuDao, then you have to stand the garbage into the site location. All no destination, no direction of the station, I personally collectively referred to as – garbage station. Garbage stations do not live long, everyone knows, so when you have a good positioning, we should most concerned about is: how to make it in the time of survival, to create more economic benefits for themselves?.

After the completion of the

site, Baidu included is very critical, the method is not much talk, webmasters too many examples. The key is a Baidu has just been included in the station, how to get traffic in a short time, this is what I want to talk about today.

method 1: on the Sina community, to find the highest rate on the day of the paste, slightly change the name, PS pictures, posted on Baidu post bar, the response visible type. Link to your website address. Two days a paste, hair ten days, the flow of at least 100 per day.

method two: find gossip entertainment QQ, at least 10, fanchon released half an hour every day, at least 3 mainstream network, pay attention to the timing, at 11:30—2:00 between the best. Traffic is at least 100 per day.

method three: Baidu billboard daily weekly hot search term selected, attention more than 100W related web pages can be directly canceled, the main selection of popular word potential, every day at least 10. These words are to be placed in the advertising code to change words. (text advertising) this method is my recent summary of experience, attention should not be updated too frequently, otherwise it will be K. This method is good, daily flow of at least thousands. Not only can obtain traffic, but also earn advertising fees, kill two birds with one stone.

maybe people already know this method, now speaking out a little display slight skill before an expert. But still hope to help novice webmaster. Maybe someone will not believe, not a try, but in the first half of the time, I will do the "2008 Olympic Games" sign language video download version "Daoxiang" and other words do Baidu home page. My new line of new station also won 16 pieces of advertising fee every day.

how do you have a good way to communicate with each other? I QQ:76881146 welcome everyone to add me!


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