You don’t know what you want visitors to do Web developers are prone to five big mistakes

whether you are a master programmer or a technical enthusiast, you can’t avoid making all sorts of mistakes in your Web development process.

has made a mistake and can correct it. But if you make some mistakes, you can cause great loss and regret. Surprisingly, these errors are often the most common and easiest to avoid. The five major mistakes that need to be noted are listed below.

1. "reinvent the wheel"

you want to make your website unique, and compete with your web site, which we understand.

, but you don’t have to reinvent the wheel".

Apple doesn’t design iPhone from scratch. It’s a smart smartphone made of different microprocessors, lithium batteries, firmware, capacitive screens, and all packaging. Even its proprietary operating system, iOS, mimics the UNIX operating system design.

so don’t be ashamed of copying other people’s websites. Their website may also be copied from other websites. To create based on existing, collective, and other people’s wisdom is human nature and the main way to promote the development of human society.

you do not have to request their own design website unique and wonderful. You can only need a stroke above than the other sites in the look and feel.

How does

avoid this error,


find you, customers’ favorite websites, find out the style of the site, and appreciate the places you admire. Then type the keywords associated with your business in Google and click the first few results in the search list.

visits to see which other sites are in your view.


, you can also use websites like to get a quick idea of what your competitors are.


, you think you know who your direct competitors are. In fact, when your target user searches for sites based on search terms in Google, it’s your real competitor. Competitors using Google Adwords are strongly attracting and gaining the attention of your target audience.

2. is not clear about what you want visitors to do,

what do you want them to do when visitors visit your web site,


think carefully for a moment……

in fact, only a small number of visitors will do exactly what you want. In the Internet world, get >

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