How much tea chain

tea chain franchise brand operating costs which need to invest? Many novice investors may not be very clear on this issue. In fact, the financial problems involved in the entire business, so need to be treated with caution. We can look at the need to spend a few aspects of the analysis, hoping to help you do a good job in the budget.

generally speaking, the opening of the tea chain to join the fee, margin, store decoration, the first purchase fees, daily management fees, etc.. Details of the specific costs can be referred to as follows:

join fee, margin

headquarters will license the brand to investors, after joining the follow-up policy support, and therefore will join the franchisee to charge a certain fee and deposit. Specific entry fee, margin was determined according to the size of the headquarters of the chain to determine the size of the general combination of 4 to $70 thousand.

store renovation costs

store, the area of the restaurant is different, the cost of decoration is also different. Store area in general 40 to 120 square meters, is expected to cost $8 to $100 thousand renovation, the restaurant area of more than about 200 square meters, renovation costs of more than $150 thousand. Ordinary investors, store decoration without too luxurious, clean and generous, fit the style of tea chain headquarters can be.

first purchase fee

shop in the early stages, the first batch of tea shops to cover the shelves of goods, there are also more than some of the goods into the warehouse warehouse. The first purchase fee is generally more than 50 thousand yuan, investors can be based on their own store size, low price of high-end tea to estimate.

daily management fee

daily management fees including store rent, utilities, staff wages, cash flow, stores rent in about 10 thousand yuan / month, hydropower is about 1000 yuan / month, 2 staff salary 5000 yuan / month; the need for adequate liquidity, in 5 to 150 thousand yuan / month, mainly used for tea leaves easy to buy and consumption.

tea chain projects need to look at the actual cost of funds, as long as the franchisee to know what the specific needs of the funds can be used. The above analysis is more comprehensive, I hope to help you, if you have any questions about the cost of joining, please continue to consult.

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