The webmaster should learn to do not blindly follow the trend

was already 5 years from the time of the heap in the webmaster, can only play the game to contact a free forum and to have their own free space and make a website of their own, to now have a lot of websites found along the way is really very easy, very many want to give up, but when others see website or grow together with their owners are still insist, found himself really a bit too useless, and reflect on their own after decided to stick to. After several times of Internet Storm my less young cynic, such as the coming trial of the photographic record and so on policy, now will see a smile.

every day now there are many websites online, many websites die every day, there are many sites in half-dead hung so it becomes a zombie station. So, in this era of Internet information sharing, how should we achieve our dreams,


people tell me that is innovative, I want to ask how many people can complete their own innovation is a new website? Enumerate these years of big websites almost not seen say that he is completely innovative website, happy net imitate foreign Facebook, Youku potatoes imitate foreign YouTube 58, go to the market and so classified information to imitate Craigslist the Taobao website, imitation eBay and so on. Almost every war can not be completely innovative, and even QQ is imitating the ICQ. That is to tell you the webmaster, it is only in the occasion that they.

but many of our domestic webmasters don’t have a clear idea of what to do and what to do. This has become blind follow the trend, such as QQ space station, novel station, movie station, classified information, SNS, B2B, investment sites, site navigation, and now the most popular group buying network. Each development, without attracting more than N small webmaster in the follow suit. Even attracted venture capitalists, the result is big but few. Why? Because we have many small owners just blindly copying, blindly follow the trend, to see what people do to make money on their own to do, think they can make money why not? And have their own unique side to go completely modelled this is undoubtedly a waste of resources and waste of energy.

In fact,

each type of site we can rise occasion to do their own website. Or, every kind of new hot words, we can use his limelight to promote, to marketing their website.

Take the A5

held the excellent contest, many webmaster on occasion in marketing their own website. I have a friend, see he made a Bo excellent logistics website when excellent competition hot air, and with the help of "promotion into the 2010 World Logistics Logistics on excellent top 51" after, because this kind of word is new so a few days to go to the front page of Baidu. Then take this site to find the logistics company’s boss, said to help people do web site, do optimization. The boss looked over

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