Thunder President Cheng Hao we missed the opportunity to venture 3

[Abstract] these 3 opportunities are browser, streaming media, mobile application store, one of the most regrettable is the application store.

thunder President Cheng Hao


technology news (Le Tian) September 1st news, thunder co-founder, President Cheng Hao today to talk about the thunder in the process of entrepreneurship sentiment, said any success is to stand on the shoulders of countless failures, the thunder missed 3 opportunities in history.


this 3 chance is app store browser, streaming media, mobile phone, the three chance, Cheng Hao believes that the biggest opportunity is the thunder but the opportunity is mobile phone application store, because the thunder in the mobile phone application store should be born.

Cheng Hao said, when the thunder started as a store just try holding the attitude, wait to see clearly, ready to invest heavily to restart the project, the market is the Red Sea, the window of opportunity once lost will no longer try, the thunder finally gave up half a year.

Internet field, a wave of trend in recent years, there will be some ‘disruptive change’, so the ‘sense of crisis’ is the norm."

Cheng Hao said that this is both an opportunity and a challenge for all enterprises, either up or down, seize the opportunity, otherwise it will be challenged. For example, Tencent if you do not seize the opportunity to WeChat, and now the market value of $50 billion is not necessarily.

‘so’ sense of crisis’ is the norm, ‘from death is not more than XX days’ is not an exaggeration, not only for startup, BAT is the same."

is the thunder co-founder, President Cheng Hao Original:

friends should be invited to the media, let me talk about the thunder entrepreneurial experience of these years. Frankly, a lot of emotion, but I do not know where to start, it is ten years experience to the early start of the hardships, also have the joy of success, have had old brothers left, also missed the opportunity to regret.

so far, the thunder is finally out of the download, into a new field – this is the use of shared economic methods to reform the CDN market. But any success is standing on the shoulders of countless failures, so I would like to talk to you about the missed opportunities in the history of thunder.

I was from the end of 2002 out of Zou Shenglong and Duke’s classmate, founder of the thunder, the first year to do is a distributed mailbox, and later transformed into the thunder in. From 2003-2006, we are still very focused, only this product line, by 2007, from the data to see the thunder in the client software, the user has been second only to QQ. After the thunder in the strategic direction to do a lot of trying, looking back today, some of the opportunities missed a pity.

is the first opportunity to compare the browser. Thunder do browser in the industry is still relatively early, when the market has been >

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