Network recruitment of several proverbs every word said to the webmaster heart

new year has come, new year’s new weather. Here I wish you all success in the new year, immediately rich. I believe in the new year, we have more plans for the future, and so do the author. For the future, the writer hopes the site can be further, whether registered or number can profit scale than in 2013 to a level, of course, we are also not idle, must be toward the best direction of development and progress. Coincides with the Spring Festival, but also when we summed up the past year, I do not have any "red packets" can be sent to everyone, here to tell you a few operations motto.

find the difference is not equal to reinvent the wheel, now online recruitment homogeneity is not simply because we do stand mode similar cause, but because of the network recruitment model is similar, but it is also to a certain extent on the current development model has been quite mature, our people blindly to innovation and innovation, is clearly not ideal practice. In my side, you can see many of the friends make snap reform their own recruitment website, not only the recruitment, as well as rental housing, skills training and occupation managers recruitment, the recruitment website appears to be a "ecological", is actually a grotesque, there is no recruitment of professional degrees, no extension of the transition, then do it the site itself operators will lose the direction, I think we do all along need to understand that innovation is a stable on the basis of the novel, will only work well, premise prepared, developed resistance becomes smaller, otherwise innovation can only be said to be owners own gimmick, flashy without substance. Then what is the premise, yes, looking for a job. Especially based on the two or three line of the city’s recruitment website, if not in the information flow rate itself is not strong in the region to establish a habit of access, then the more innovation can not let others choose your site for the first time.

looking for profit, it is better to reduce costs, improve resource utilization. Now all the owners are considering to make money, this is a very real problem, I do not know if you profit model is divided into several blocks, my income is divided into three blocks, one is the second member of advertising, value-added services, third is the line recruitment. In fact, the former two are all now the main revenue model, while the line is only my own recruitment model according to the actual situation of the development, but to tell the truth, if you are in the early stages of development, really want to rely on revenue to achieve profitability, the difficulty is really great. In general, advertising and membership appreciation are not good when a job site does not have enough influence. And offline recruitment can only be formed when resources are plentiful, so for most new owners, reducing costs is a stepping stone to achieving profitability as fast as possible. Reduce the transfer level of information, so that the audience directly involved in manufacturers, such as the construction of college students employment channels and students summer job intermediary, the demand will be directly corresponding to the origin, the cost will be much lower. In addition, bus advertising and some media information for everyone in the two or three tier cities

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