Website of business management people is the only state in solid Bunning

"people only state, ancient!" this sentence, from two thousand years ago in the "book of song" · five. At the beginning, Da Yu passed on to Taikang. Taikang only enjoy happiness, state affairs, indulge in debauchery, hunting hundred days did not return, loss of morality people, four complaints. Poor Marquis king Hou Yi, see people to intolerable waste in Taikang. Mother and brothers in Taikang together, in emperor Da Yu’s sermons, and the "Wuzige": "emperor training, people can not close, people only state, Motoko Kunine." Mean, grandfather Yu had admonished, treat people only respecting, not neglect, the people are the root of a nation, people can live and work in peace, national peace.

countries do, and so do websites,

throughout many failed sites, site early are dedicated to membership and customer service, has accumulated a lot of resources, but many managers in a lot of resources when the self expansion gradually swelled up, with some desirable way to obtain benefits and use of these resources, although temporarily earn a lot of money. But at the same time lead to membership and customer dissatisfaction and have lost, and ultimately harm the interests of their own or.

a website to sustainable development, will be the "members feel" this is an index on the important position, what to think first member feel what is, what is the members feel? "Members feel" is the website do activities, service, system, flow, experience of membership fees and so on, psychological, if the effect is positive, it means to do the site; if these actions of most of the members had a negative impact, it should pay attention to the website, the decision makers need to immediately reflect, and make timely adjustments to find a more reasonable way to appease the people’s livelihood, so as not to let the website development direction deviation


I remember when I worked in a talent network a few years ago, the best inspiration for me was two points, one was "Empathy", and the other was "spot check"". "Empathy" is easy to understand, is the site managers and staff before executing a plan of action, must be converted into "members or clients" role to think, thinking about the action is not consistent with the interests and habits of members or clients, if not immediately adjust, the old saying that "pre Li nopreparation," is the truth. Second "spot check" is the site operation routine inspection, the company every employee must participate in the examination, the first time to go to work every day and quickly check their own under the jurisdiction of the channel or page cycle once a week, over the next few weeks, all the staff of this site have the function operation and the details are well aware of that the problem will be reported immediately resolved, but does not appear in a page to open two weeks nobody things, will not even open the web site member landing error phenomenon, no more customers call customer service phone hears of the phone has been delinquent parking joke. >

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