Heze when the rural women in the electricity business opportunities

rural entrepreneurship, Internet entrepreneurs, women entrepreneurs, when these words encounter collision, will produce a huge entrepreneurial force of innovation, innovation and entrepreneurship to promote the cause of great strides forward. Heze to the development of rural electricity supplier tide, promote the rural women’s employment and entrepreneurship.

with people’s consumption habits are more in love online, the electricity industry has become more and more choice for entrepreneurs, rural electricity providers have become the electricity supplier chiefs of increasing value of blue ocean". The day before the reporter to interview in Heze, where the women in the local Party committee and government and the Federation to drive support, seize the favorable opportunity to the development of rural electricity supplier, in the tide of economic transformation and upgrading of the electricity industry from the top half of the sky "".

2010, the Caoxian women’s Federation held the women’s e-commerce training and exchange activities, and actively participate in Han Sumei, this is her first "electric shock", more than a month after the exchange of learning, initially mastered the basic knowledge and method of electronic commerce. By the end of 2011, Han Sumei’s Taobao shop began operations. Just three years, her company developed to the existing plant of more than 1 thousand and 300 square meters, equipment, more than 70 workers, more than more than and 90 people. Among them, 51 female employees, e-commerce customer service staff of 12.

according to the town Party Secretary Su Yongzhong introduced, at present the fiber to the home has more than 5000 households, more than 12000 registered shop, performance clothing Limited company nearly 200, in the town of logistics company 18, formed a complete industrial chain, directly led to more than 3 people in employment. This year is expected to total annual sales of more than 1 billion yuan. In December 2014, the main town of Alibaba was awarded the Taobao town of Chen Hao, become one of the 19 big town of Taobao at the same time, Zhang Zhuang, Liu Lou, Ji Zhen Ding Lou, Fu Hai, li ba Zhuang 6 villages were awarded the title of China Taobao village.

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