Website link should pay attention to quality do not pursue quantity blindly my station is a QQ class website, before Baidu included thousands, but for a long time, Baidu included right down, from a few thousand to more than 100, then I fainted, how can that be? I support the update, Baidu included every day, but how so much less, really very depressed! I’m from the online search information and ask the other stand, there is a webmaster said to me: "you have a link?" This is a very good, then I know, is because of the short time I did a lot of links, are some than I stand high PR link, I think is very good, it is not that high PR site may not be able to drive their own website, the station also has high PR the garbage station, I made a couple that is the original station, as Baidu down the right, I’ll take those not suitable are deleted, and then find some related to QQ station on the link, after a week or so, Baidu included rising again, though not to before, but this is also Baidu began to pay attention to ~! So I think the chain connection should pay attention to the following points:

1 with your link exchange site must have a good record in the search engine, if the site is filled with some of the SEO garbage site, do not exchange links with it, although it has not yet been expelled from the search engine.

2 as far as possible with those with the content on your site related site exchange links, such as a web page template for the content of the website, and can provide a website design tutorial site exchange links, and is not recommended that you have nothing to do with the site site exchange links.

3 do not love with those who spread Links site exchange exchange links, this will lead you to the site of his export sites than he import to your weight should be large, it is not worthwhile to focus on the link quality, do not blindly pursue quantity.

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