What are the secrets of Apple’s 12 successful entrepreneurs

according to foreign media reports, if you want to prove that apple is indeed a place full of genius, to see how many people resigned from apple to start their own companies know. The following inventory J several Apple origin entrepreneurial cutting-edge.

Nest  Lab:


Android Lubin, the father of the last century in 90s as an engineer in apple, he founded the open source mobile software company Android. Then Google acquired Android. Apple has sued Lubin’s Android system too much to learn from his creative ideas in apple.


as Mac  OS  hero, behind the X Bertrand  Serlet has been regarded as the true genius of apple. After leaving apple in mid 2011, Serlet, together with a former Apple employee, started the startup Upthere, which developed a cloud operating system that changed the way people store online.


Chris  Lee was Apple’s project manager, witnessed several generations of apple Mac  OS  X release. He is the co-founder of Meeteor, the application based on the student calendar on the free schedule and social overlap (social  overlap) so that they randomly meet interesting new friends.


David · Maureen initially was a manager of apple in the higher education sector, and later worked at Facebook. After leaving the establishment of a private social network Path.


Flipboard founder Evan  Doll worked in apple for 6 years, was an apple iPhone Senior Software Engineer, leaving in July 2009. Then set up iPad platform for social media applications Flipboard, you can browse Twitter, Facebook, RSS and other media sources. >


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