The marketing and marketing priorities that you ignore the color scheme of your website


The importance of

website color, no estimate of what people will not care, but ask exactly where is the most important, people would certainly think that is beautiful, undeniable, does not involve in marketing and promotion propaganda, is indeed a beautiful website color hue, the main value of the.

but if related to marketing and promotion? A lot of color and buying habits of psychological books, speak very xuanhu here, sesshu want to share what is not very mysterious but we as psychology, network marketing and electric businessman, know and understand the basic rules about color. And these rules represent what can bring us what help and unexpected harvest.


, according to the KISSMetrics research firm, shows:

1, nearly 93% of customers will first consider the color and appearance of the web when they accept the ad or choose and buy.

sesshu McGregor, this research means not only refers to the decoration of the site to the most beautiful, in fact, or the color to the atmosphere appropriately, let the customer feel you this is genuine, is the brand, the strength of the heritage of the.

because of the lack of trust on the Internet, so at the first sight, we break the trust of our customers and then win the first step for our marketing and promotion.

2, nearly 85% of customers say that color is one of the most important factors when buying a product.


in the field of electricity providers should be very common, well understood, because many customers just because of the product color, feel good, to purchase orders. This can be seen in a lot of clothing products evaluation, such as: in kind than on the site to the color of the deep, in kind, not on the site, and so on.

products are good, but also the most important thing is to modify the color of the product and match the background color to bring the visual experience to the customers.

3, comprehensive analysis of related data, if the color matching reasonable and reasonable, brand awareness will increase by 80%.


can be in many shop and separate the B2C website to see them, if a website or shop, garish colors, background color or color collocation is overwhelming, improper handling, even well-known brands, this website will also feel is not a copycat, because the visual color has reflected the rough and fine. On the contrary if it is a small brand, but its website and store the color collocation, have their own style, color, delicate and fine, even if it is a small brand, customers will also suspect that this is not her missing, or is a well-known brand of unknown.


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