Summary and practice analysis of e commerce

an enterprise development to today, without their own web site is a very difficult thing to imagine, not to mention the realization of e-commerce. The development of the network makes the transmission of information more rapid, simple, and there is no enterprise information on the network. For any enterprise and consumers, it is not a thing to be thankful for. Because the business lost to publicize their platform to expand sales channels, consumers are not directly interact with the enterprise, even the consumer whether there is doubt whether this is the enterprise, the enterprise strength! Of course most companies already have their own website, but the website exists just shows the site does not the real service for the enterprise, bring benefits to the enterprise. It just exists as a facade, a platform that provides information. Small and medium enterprises to use e-commerce to use their resources to carry out e-commerce, network marketing as the core of e-commerce, how to carry out network marketing, how to maximize the effective network marketing of electronic commerce must be considered.

after a period of study, summary and practice, analysis of the following several key points in the core e-commerce network marketing must be aware of.

number 1: location analysis.

The operation of

e-commerce is planned and routine. A good idea is the key to the success of the website operation, which can make the operation of the website and the development of e-commerce save a lot of effort and money. It is necessary to make a good analysis of the website. Small and medium enterprises when positioning analysis according to the characteristics of their products, to make good use of existing resources to carry out some market research, and analyzes the network on their competitors, and then summed up his website operation plan.

at the same time, we have to combine the characteristics of the e-commerce model with the positioning. The electronic commerce theory is the ideal state of e-commerce or e-commerce development after the completion of some basic characteristics in the current situation on the pursuit of e-commerce model theory is not realistic and no practical significance.

Some analysis of the product and characteristics of

itself, the industry competition analysis, combined with the different characteristics of some innovation, improve the development of ideas of their own e-commerce, sorting out the development plan of a set of suitable for this product is a basic work of electronic commerce.

second: Construction of e-commerce platform.

e-commerce platform is the foundation of e-commerce, and to build a good network platform for network marketing and customer needs is very helpful for network marketing. The construction of e-commerce platform should be analyzed and diagnosed from the following aspects:

website structure diagnosis: the structure of the website is reasonable, whether efficient, whether convenient, whether conform to the habit of user access; whether it is beneficial to search engine included.

web page diagnostics: Page >

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