How to find the location of dry cleaning service positioning

dry cleaners are now more and more, a lot of friends to see the good prospects for the development of dry cleaners, want to invest in, then open a dry cleaning franchise, the need to identify how to locate the service? Xiao Bian introduced.

identify the location of the dry cleaners service

a shop is really rely on service efficiency to win or rely on the attitude of serving the people, which are required to deploy. As a great influence in the industry leading enterprises, they will be the brand positioning is cleaner and more intelligent, more environmentally friendly, clean, all the words of a prominent character, so that both their own characteristics show that clear and put competitors to go than that one, but also allow consumers the impression deep


reasonable positioning dry cleaners dry cleaning service price

One of the most important factors that affect a dry cleaning shop in

is the price, the price of a large extent directly affect the final choice of consumers to buy. If it is positioned as a high-end atmosphere on the level of the high line, the whole laundry services and facilities must be prepared to take the corresponding match; affinity civilian low price line, for the quality of service and facilities requirements naturally low, so the price is also located in the different


many dry cleaners boss in front of the shop, because of the lack of understanding of the dry cleaners in this industry, or on their own want to do what is not clear, what want to do will result in after operation, but what do good situation, this is a great pity.

positioning, actually let each dry cleaners boss has a strategic perspective on the development of the store to conduct a good plan, stand in the industry pattern to conduct strategic deployment, rather than only focus on immediate interests, only in this way, dry cleaners to operate more distinctive and earn more profits.

is about more than the dry cleaners to service orientation are introduced in this paper. I hope you have to pay more attention to, only to find a good location, so you can make your business better, want to join the shop, may wish to consult!


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