Small Taobao sellers Gospel reasonable use Taobao search new weight

both Baidu and Taobao in the past, there are some obvious bias sites, ignore the small website, for Taobao, is the search in Taobao search on the goods are basically large or the crown, five diamond shop, for those just opened a small shop less often this has led to some concern, traffic began to concentrate, this problem may affect a single search engine, can not be more comprehensive to provide diversified content services to users, this is clearly not a search engine wants to see.

so in June this year, Taobao search engine has begun to quietly change, this change does not result in Taobao sellers collective motion, but also illustrates Taobao towards fair road to the new weight began to increase, some of the new small shop can also appear in front of the Taobao search results, this change can save a lot of small sellers, because this can give small sellers to show their goods opportunities, as long as you product is novel, then you can succeed, and this is why someone selling lingfu, Fu Ping and other low-cost superstition activities in the shop, also can earn pours the reason.

This small

Taobao sellers how to optimize their own shop, promote their own store goods more search page in front of Taobao, the rational use of the new weight plus other optimization measures, is a good strategy.

products shelves shelves, become a shop to seize the key Taobao search engine


did not increase in the new weight, small sellers can only through frequent shelves to show their goods, because the search engine Taobao weight algorithm in the next frame, often the search engine will give a chance to show, but this is the last frame before the next opportunity, perhaps when users see the products have the shelf, this is possible, then marketing of the effect is not obvious, but if the shelves and shelves are combined, apparently can longer show their goods shelves, because is a new product, the new weight is relatively high, so that it becomes the optimization tips smart owners.

product content should be packaged

since the new weight is relatively high, if you have goods shelves, indexed by search engines, these goods usually will still be in the shelf after Taobao search index library, so re shelves shelves after it is easy to copy and paste, but some packaging of goods, merchandise that looks like new products, so as to avoid Taobao search engine detection, but there is one point to clear, when the user in describing the content changes of products, can not be simple for pseudo original, but the new way of writing, so that it can be identified as genuine, or from the beginning will determine your cheating, resulting in optimization the failure of.

product content to be true >

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