Zheng Luoxin how to achieve innovation demonstration

in the process of economic development, in a series of achievements, the bottleneck period, we need timely transformation and upgrading, innovation and development. So, Zheng Luoxin how to achieve innovation demonstration? Through the establishment of efficient, consistent responsibilities of the management system, the provincial government set up Zheng Luoxin national innovation demonstration zone leading group, headed by the governor, deputy governor in charge of deputy head of the members of the relevant provincial units and Zheng Luoxin three, is mainly responsible for the composition.

– Leading Group Office (with the construction of the demonstration zone to promote the coordination of the management committee, the provincial science and technology department in brand), undertake the daily work of the leading group, full-time performance comprehensive guidance, overall planning, policy support, evaluation, coordination, supervision and inspection service functions.

* Zheng three cities to establish a corresponding leading group and the work of the agency, responsible for the construction and development of the demonstration area of the city, the construction of provincial co-ordination, municipal construction, regional cooperation, departmental collaboration mechanism.

to play the role of Zheng Luoxin’s 3 national high-tech zones as the core of the demonstration leading role, optimize the layout of the demonstration area.

core area to enjoy the Zhengzhou airport economic comprehensive experimentation area, new urban areas, industrial clusters of various types of financial support policies.

– to strengthen the core area of strategic leading position, timely expansion of the core area of the construction planning, expand the scope of the administrative jurisdiction of the core area. Expand the radiation area space, with reference to the national high tech Zone standards, the selection of the construction of the radiation zone in the province’s specialty Park, giving it the right to enjoy the pilot policy.

* to support the core area to take "one district and more parks," the way to the city of Zheng three radiation area hosting. Explore the city outside the city will be promoted to the radiation area of the demonstration area to build a different area, given its core areas of policy authority and functional positioning three.

interpretation 1

innovation is not out of the tube, only the innovative management system and mechanism, in order to fully mobilize the province’s resources to play around, the enthusiasm of all sectors of the initiative to promote the demonstration area to achieve effectiveness. Therefore, it is necessary to set up a leading group to build a demonstration area, the establishment of linkage, unified and efficient, integrated leadership system and working mechanism to promote the construction of demonstration areas. To improve the government service mechanism to reduce the government’s intervention in the demonstration area of innovation and entrepreneurship activities, better release of innovation. To play a leading role in the core area demonstration, given its greater autonomy to achieve effective convergence of innovative elements of resources, innovation and maximize the benefits of innovation, the formation of all parties to participate in collaborative innovation system.

2 improve innovation investment guarantee mechanism

finance to build a demonstration area to build special funds recommended


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