Why doesn’t your website have traffic

because doing stand mentality, and the size of the station is very related, your attitude determines your station, your attitude determines the size of your station, because he is your website, not my website.

general webmaster will do three major events every day:

first thing: look at the statistics, many websites are placed under the statistics, some statistical lovers a put a line, 3, 5, I know the statistics can understand users can know the size of the site, can understand popular, but it is necessary to put so many statistics? It is necessary to look at the old


second: See rankings, many owners staring at the global rankings, ranked every refresh, ranking is generally around 23 points refresh, ranking is not allowed to, he is to install the Alexa plug-in to statistics, so this isn’t authoritative, just to look at the history of the site, a rough estimate. Some 20 thousand IP stations, some stations ranked around 200, 15 thousand IP, ranked 700, which is high, these stations access the crowd is the webmaster, so he stood high, some 600 thousand IP, can be more than 3000, why, because his visit the website of the people did not install the Alexa plugin, so why visits like some high ranking, some ranking bottom, then you are so old necessary?

third: income, a advertising, for a moment to look at how much money today, for a moment to look at how much this one hour, some union is also not every statistic, it is more trouble, traffic is up, the revenue will go up, it is necessary to see? Union general will give money so, don’t need to manage this thing.

In fact, there are a lot of

Chinese website, there are 600 million known as the "Baidu what, how many did not give Baidu included, so China together to how many people? Just how many net together? 1 billion 300 million! 100 million net, can use" is one of the TMD website "to describe what, for very high traffic why do so few stations, why? Many people ask your old Yue:" why I haven’t visited the station? "," could you tell me how to improve the traffic? "For such problems, I do not know how to answer, in fact, the simple answer is: do you pay for your station for you? He paid more? Pay will surely return, see you would pay.

website is the most have the ability to fight, why do you say that? Enterprise network will not have? I must tell you: "enterprise network is not the personal website of the opponent" because the enterprise network, is the company’s website, every 8 hours of work time, finished work, a project cycle down. For a long time, and personal webmaster, eat supper thought that night can be implemented, so the combat ability. At the same time the enterprise network flow, tomorrow, today go to sing KTV, personal Adsense no, not the website traffic, is to have no money, so people love is like mother loved son site, that kind of love is the most sincere love.

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